041.3 alternator; cost to replace/fix ? - kjwilko
My ford KA Alternator has just failed me (only having done 14000 miles and 4 years old), how long does it take to fix? And what is the general cost? I have been quoted from £46 to £170 just for the part!


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04 1.3 Alternators!!!! - bimmer-driver
Blame Ford- the Ka with the newer Rocam engine seems to prone to alternator faults. Not so long ago there was a shortage of replacement parts but you should be ok now. I think they'll be closer towards the top end of what you've been quoted price wise- the £46 one will almost certainly be for the much older ohv engine they fitted to early KA's upto about 2003.
Hope this helps.

04 1.3 Alternators!!!! - mfarrow
£46 would be a cheap alternator, even for an old OHV! I think that's a second-hand part or re-conditioned.

How has the diagnosis been done - has it been to a garage or did the light just come on and it stop charging the battery? Check the cabling isn't corroded. My mate had a Rocam Ka (he now has another) which had a corroded alternator cable (Ford dealer 'blamed' the problem on the alternator being at the front of the engine - errrm, where it's always been?).
04 1.3 Alternators!!!! - JohnRichard
Did you need to replace the alternator?
The charging light came on with our '05 Ka. Two of the leads to the three pin connector plug on the alternator had broken off. Ford use a short lead (specific to some model or another) which is cut and spliced into the old lead to provide a new plug connector for almost any model.

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