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98 1.8 Automatic gearbox kickdown non operative - the helpfull biker
I have a 1998 Vaxhaull Vectra auto 1800cc. The problem is that since i had the l.p.g. system serviced, it was returned without the kickdown working. Since i can not get any response from the garage that carried out the work (snip, no need to name/shame), could anyone please give me any points to look for. Is the kickdown controlled by cable, vacume or electronically?? Any advice would be gratefully recieved. Thanks.

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98 1.8 Automatic gearbox kickdown non operative - Dynamic Dave
IIRC, electronically. There should be a switch behind the pedal that gets activated when the pedal is pressed to the floor. You should feel a slight bit of resistance on the pedal just prior to the switch being operated.
From vague memory, if the switch is faulty, then the "S" light will flash to indicate a fault with the auto box system.
Check for obvious things like aftermarket floor mats causing an obstruction.
98 1.8 Automatic gearbox kickdown non operative - topbloke
the only adjustment is on the throttle cable, you need to make sure that there is just a little slack at the throttle body, remove the horseshoe clip, push the cable in till slack, then pull the cable outwards untill the throttle lever just starts to move, then push back in a little, push the clip back on, next push the pedal down to the floor untill resistance is felt then further still you should feel the kickdown "obviosly this is all done without the engine running" this is assuming that you dont have a drive by wire set !

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