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1999 1.4 Coolant Loss - adampbrown
My year 2000 1.4 16v Rover 200 has recently started to lose coolant. It has 105,000 miles on the clock and I have to top up the coolant level every 60-100 miles. It had the head gasket replaced in November 2007 (10,000 miles ago) and the oil seems to be OK.

However, I have noticed a white/blue/green residue across the radiator. A local auto retailer recommended that I use K-Seal but I have heard mixed reports on the effectiveness of this solution - and can sometimes compound a problem by clogging up the cooling system?

I would appreciate any advice on possible diagnosis and views on K-Seal.
1999 1.4 Coolant Loss - TimOrridge
For what the car is worth, just nip up the head bolts more and cross your fingers :-)
1999 1.4 Coolant Loss - TimOrridge
For what the car is worth just nip up the head bolts more and cross
your fingers :-)

adampbrown, i meant if the gasket has gone. If it just leaky try the k seal, there seems to be a few happy punters here

I can also recommend a good mechanic in South Yorkshire if that is near you Steve Ridgway in Rotherham, very pleasant chap
1999 1.4 Coolant Loss - jayeastanglia
wouldnt do that to a rover 200 engine it wont do anything except stretch the bolts..dont bother with k a presure check first..k seal will block the rad especialy rover type ones as the waterways are small and easily blocked.
1999 1.4 Coolant Loss - piston power
Replace the radiator if leaking don't try to bodge it up.

A pressure test is required to pressurize the system to check for leaks.
1999 1.4 Coolant Loss - bbroomlea{P}
I wouldnt use K-seal in a k-series engine as it has very narrow waterways in the head - k-seal may well keep an engine limping along for a month or two if the headgasket has gone and your not going to repair it, but if you are keeping it for a while and its only the rad then I would avoid it and repair the leak!
1999 1.4 Coolant Loss - blackpoolbloke
New rad is only around £60 plus fitting so why mess around?
Sounds like its tired and IMO knackered rads are the number one cause of head gasket failure on these Rover K series.

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