Very Nasty Shock - Jonathan
I have just had a very nasty shock...

My father purchased a car from a private individual back in 1999, and I purchased it from him last year. The person selling the car still owed HP on it, and promised my father that he would settle the outstanding finance when cashing the bankers draft (my father would have provided 2, one for the finance agreement the other for the balance for the owner, except he only told him about the finance after he had drawn the drafts from the bank and therefore only drew 1 cheque).

Two years later (this morning), a rep from the finance co dropped a card through my door. I rang them up and it turns out that there is still finance outstanding on the car (Toilet urgently required at this point). After numerous 'phone calls, it transpires that the previous owner has not been paying, but they have been chased and a cheque received for the outstanding money has been received by the finance co, so with any luck the matter will be closed.

The Lessons:

ALWAYS get a HPI check;
IF finance is outstanding, ALWAYS pay with 2 cheques, one for the finance and the other for the owner.
NEVER TRUST the previous owner to do what they say they will

I have learnt a valuable lesson (albeit not my fault)

I hope that others will not have to go through this, as it is extremely worrying to think that they may just come and repossess the car, or you have to pay the outstanding finance to keep it.

Any others with similar experiences?
Re: Very Nasty Shock - Nathan Bishop
Good warning... it would be awful if that happened

Value my car