1997 1.3 non start - andy@ford
hi there wonder if anyone can help. looking at a 1997 toyota corolla 1.3 4e-fe. it wont start had a quick look and it doesnt seen to have spark or fuel when cranked over. has ne one had a prob with the crank sensors before and if so where are they i couldnt find it. any help would be great ful thank you.
1997 1.3 non start - injection doc
Andy , I can't visulise it but does it have quite a chunk of a distributor as the Japs often put cam & crank sensor's & often even coils all packed in the distributor?
1997 1.3 non start - andy@ford
ill check bu it looks like its got two coil packs in stead of distributers.
1997 1.3 non start - injection doc
Hi Andy, it may well have coil packs & if so they do have cam & crank sensors & I have had one experience of one with camsensor failure & fuel injection relay. Sadly a few years ago now & can't remember where the relay was but may of been around centre consul area.
Its funny how as soon as you mentioned coil packs more info comes flooding back. Jsut can't remember where crank sensor was.
I doc
1997 1.3 fuel pump relay - andy@ford
hello there quick question im looking at a non start on said vehicle and wonder if anyone knows wherre the fuel pump relay is situated. cheers
1997 1.3 fuel pump relay - Sprice
Hi Andy, did you get to the bottom of this problem after? The reason I ask is my 1997 1.3 Corolla cut out last night and wont restart (had to get AA recovery out). I'm thinking one/both of the coilpacks has gone.