2002 1.8 Oil change on diesel - Focus1.8TDCI
I changed the oil on my 1.8 tdci 2 weeks ago and have covered about 300 miles. Normally I would get a garage to change it (anyone agree its a hassle to change the oil and filter on the diesel focus?). After the change the oil looked about 25% black. Now its about 80% black. I thought normally oil in diesel cars would turn black immediately. Is this down to the good condition of the engine, the quality of the oil or driving characteristics? Some points:

Car has covered 105K (up to 67k it was a lease car probably used to pound motorways)
I rarely go over 3000K revs
I change the oil between 7000-12000 miles depending on the type of driving done
The oil cost £15 for 5L, semi synthetic (carlube from sutton auto factors, is £15 a bit cheap for semi syn?)
I change the airfilter every 20k miles

2002 1.8 Oil change on diesel - Hamsafar
Sounds like you're doing a great job, Carlube (Terosyl/Carplan/WonderWheels/T-Cut) products are perfectly ok, even if the name's a bit generic/naff. As long as the oil meets or exceeds the Ford/ACEA/API specs you are doing everything you can. If you don't like paying £15 I will sell you some for £22. :o)

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2002 1.8 Oil change on diesel - kithmo
Your oil not going black straight away is down to you doing a good job of draining the old oil. Most garages don't let it drian for long enough, then overfill it because they have some oil in the engine. I let mine (& SWMBO's focus TD) drain for at least 20 minutes, sometimes longer.
2002 1.8 Oil change on diesel - Focus1.8TDCi
I let Rapid fit change it over a year ago and it was OK but they don't drain it long enough, I don't think. A mechanic who changed the oil next said the sump plug hole was damaged by rapid fit and he charged me £12 for a new sump plug bolt - too expensive? He also changed the cambelt and kit for extra £150 (not bad price?).

I get satisfaction changing the oil myself, knowing the most important service item is done properly. Parts only cost me £18 (£15 oil, £3.10 filter!) and the £25+ I saved on the labour cost went towards a much needed second trolley jack. It took me 3 hours to do which included jacking both front sides up, taking off the undertray, letting it drain for 30 mins and clearing up at the end, but well worth the time.

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