05 1.6 Frozen boot lock - luckyjim

We've a Focus II 5 door hatch, 55 plate. Last winter, we found that the boot wouldn't open when it got really cold out. Often it would only open after the car had been on a run with interior toasty warm for say 30 mins. The rest of the time, whilst the temp was still v low outside, it would stay shut.

Spraying antifreeze around does no good.

Today, it's worse than last year as the boot stayed shut all day despite 2 longish runs (45 mins each). As before, it feels as though the switch you press is hard/frozen, rather than as with a frozen door, where you can pull the handle but it stays shut.

Other symptom is that yesterday it wasn't as cold, and the boot would open. Whilst I had it open, I heard the boot central locking working, unprompted, 2/3 times.

Has anyone else experienced this?

05 1.6 Frozen boot lock - piston power
Yes my astra was frozen too but some warm water over the lock soon sorted this out.

New cars are not much better than the old ones!
05 1.6 Frozen boot lock - MikeTorque
Does the hand control remote boot opener operate the boot opener ?
Has water or moisture gotten into the opening mechanism under the protective rubber for the rear opener and/or is the rubber split ?

This needs investigating further as it should not be happening, it's not a typical issue for a Focus II in cold/freezing conditions.
05 1.6 Frozen boot lock - luckyjim
We feel a bit foolish as never realised there's a remote boot release on the remote control! I use the spare key which isn't remote, that's my excuse!

Using the remote a couple of times released the boot, even though the release button on the boot itself was still frozen.

Appreciate your suggestions - the plastic panel which contains the boot release button does flex away a tiny bit from the boot when you tug hard on it - possible water is getting behind it.

05 1.6 Frozen boot lock - MikeTorque
Glad we could help.
05 1.6 Frozen boot lock - kangarolf
Hi all,

Is there a 'solution' to this issue, my 55 plate estate has the same problem but I dont have remote central locking so have no choice but to wait for it to unfreeze.

Is is it water ingress causing a physical inability for the switch to work or is it actually affecting the switch itself..?

05 1.6 Frozen boot lock - Fullchat
There will be damp in and around the mechanism which is freezing up. A good lube is your friend!
05 1.6 Frozen boot lock - luckyjim
Just to update - this was fixed under our Ford Direct warranty. It is a freezing mechanism and the solution does appear to be a case of simply smothering the area in lube!

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