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03 1.3 Heater hose query - teajay
Help. I have changed the heater control valve on my daughters 03 KA Luxury and still have cold air problem.
Also the car now overheats which it was not doing before.
Have I connected up the hoses the wrong way? I am pretty sure this is not the case but would be gratefull if somebody could advise which hose goes where e.g top hose from engine to the right of the heater control, looking from the front of the car. I would buy a Haynes Manual but they don't seem to have one for anything later than 02.
As you can imagine she is less than impressed with her old mans skills!
03 1.3 Heater hose query - mjm
It sounds as if you have an airlock in the coolant circuit. Even if the hoses are back to front the engine should not overheat.

Did you fill the cooling system with the heater set on maximum heat, and did you bleed the air out of the system afterwards?

Did you use the same amount of coolant to fill it as you drained out?
03 1.3 Heater hose query - teajay
That's what I thought, I am wondering if the thermostat may have gone.

To be honest I am not sure what the heater was set on and it did not need a lot to top it up. Maybe it needs bleeding but I am not sure how to do that, loosen a hose on the heater valve return?

Thanks for the advice.
03 1.3 Heater hose query - Javalin
for the bleeding - you can usually either find a bleed screw on the pipe(s) to the cabin - or carefully (hot engine & fluids etc) massage the pipe to push the air through with the engine running.

Usual refill proceedure is to refill the system then, with the expansion tank cap off, run the engine until the fan kicks in / thermostat opens. This will take a while - but massage the pipes whilst the engine is warming up - the pipes to the cabin should warm up with the engine. Once the fan/thermostat opens stop the engine and fit expansion tank cap and let cool. check the levels every day for a week, whilst cool, or so as it will settle as the air is pushed out.

be careful of moving parts/belts etc - and don't get in the way of the cooling fan.

03 1.3 Heater hose query - jc2
May not be the valve at all;can also be the heater control on the facia failing tho' it should not cause overheating.

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03 1.3 Heater hose query - teajay
Unfortunately as JC2 said, no bleed valve on this, cost I suppose.
03 1.3 Heater hose query - mfarrow
no bleed valve on this cost I suppose.

Not it's because it doesn't need one - a few revs of the engine should be enough to push the air out.

This subject of overheating was discussed recently (do a forum search). Screwloose suggested bypassing the valve with a length of copper pipe to see if the overheating problem went away. If so, faulty valve.

Was this a brand new valve from Ford?
03 1.3 Heater hose query - teajay
Thanks mfarrow.

I was going to bypass the valve as suggested to check the overheating just in case it is coincidence.
The valve is brand new from an e-bay source. UK manfactured and seemed to work correctly before I fitted it.
My concern is tha I have fitted the hoses from the engine the wrong way round but I am not sure what effect this would have.

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