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04 1.6 wiper blades or rubbers - tonyrees68
Its MOT time coming up again and ive noticed that the rubber on my drivers side front wiper rubber has a split can i just buy a rubber insert for the wiper or do i have to purchase the whole thing which are very expensive @ £25+ any thoughts on this .
also i think i might need 2 rear 205/55/16/w tyres any recommendations on these as well would be great
regards tony
04 1.6 wiper blades or rubbers - Ben 10
The whole thing
04 1.6 wiper blades or rubbers - corblimeyguvnar
Shop around on the net for wipers, £25 seems excessive, also try the likes of Tesco etc they do a big range at reasonable price, if you dont mind not using Bosch etc.
As for the tyres, try, mytyres, etyres, blackcircles,, tyre-shopper, tyre-trader all on the net for prices, then have a word with your local tyre place (not kwikfit or national tyres) who will probably be able to come close, reckon £50-60 fitted should get you Kumhos or similar.


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04 1.6 wiper blades or rubbers - Ian Roberts
I've got Goodyear Eagle NCT5 tyres on my Focus.

They're around £60-65 fitted from
04 1.6 wiper blades or rubbers - yorkiebar
Why is that people will spend a fortune on their cars. Shell out for expensive servicing etc. £50 a week or more on fuel maybe and then look to save £ 5 on wipers once a year?

When it rains/snows bad the value of wipers cannot be priced imo.

The best, always! And changed yearly at service without fail. I always change wipers on customers services; unless specifically told not to !

Worn tyres, you can see. Worn wipers? Its too late when its raining and you cant see!

My pet hate, nothing personal!
04 1.6 wiper blades or rubbers - rtj70
When I had a Mondeo I was surprised how cheap the front wipers were for the whole thing from a Ford dealer. I'd get both front ones for less than £25 I think. Unless the Focus uses more expensive blades?
04 1.6 wiper blades or rubbers - Altea Ego
I always get blade assemblies, original equipment from the dealer. I always find anything else ends up juddery, smeared and noisy.
04 1.6 wiper blades or rubbers - rip
Lidl recently had an offer of £3.99 for a set of blades (they sell in pre prepared packs of 2- and have most cars wipers- i.e. my was 22" and 19" in the pack).
I took the old Bosch wipers off and these look exactly the same design- and they wipe the screen perfectly and quietly. They have regular offers on these too.
04 1.6 wiper blades or rubbers - bathtub tom
I bought some of them. They didn't have a boxed pair in my sizes, so I had to buy two pairs.

I thought they were wonderful, and after a few weeks I was extolling their virtues to a passenger, saying how they never squeaked or juddered. It started to rain. They'd never squeaked or juddered up until then.

I've got a spare pair in the garage. ;>(
04 1.6 wiper blades or rubbers - Hamsafar
I have that size of tyre and my favourites are Goodyear Excellence. They are quiet, grip well and they are lasting very well. They were £60 each fitted in May 08.

For wipers, try
They will give you a comparison of price, a vehicle-specific guide of size and part number and a choice of makes to fit your car.

Also why can't you replace the rubbers? Are they Aeros flat blades? If so, it is just a matter of prising off an end cap and sliding out the old and in the new.

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04 1.6 wiper blades or rubbers - MikeTorque
Agree with Hamsafar, Goodyear Excellence tyres are a superb choice for the Focus II. I have them fitted all round on my Focus II and the Goodyear Excellence are superior to the Michelins they replaced.

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