Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Andrew Hamilton
I constantly read on this forum grumbles about other drivers. Why not be honest and actually admit we all do things wrong sometimes!
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Mark (RLBS)
I'll start..

I have a bad habit of ignoring white lines and taking the quickest/most direct route through larger roundabouts.

I'm trying to get out of the habit, but that's years of South American driving for you.
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - matt35 {P}
If traffic conditions allow it, you might get brownie points on an advanced test under 'vehicle sympathy' for straightening a roundabout?
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - TrevorP
Hmmmmmm. Maybe.
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - neil
Trevor, what do you mean 'hmm, maybe' - as far as I know - and I would, believe me - point-to-pointing on roundabouts is still very much in except where it would confuse other traffic...?
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - eMBe {P}
... you might get brownie points on .... >>

The use of the term "brownie points" always makes me wonder whether the author knows that it has nothing to do with " points awarded to the Brownies (junior Girl Guides) for doing good deeds". For its true origins, see

Note: {P} - indicates that I am advertising that my profile can be viewed.
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Tom Shaw
How about a complete inability to ignore a ringing phone?
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Miller
I sometimes drive a bit too close to the vehicle in front, but not on purpose to try and speed them up like some morons. I think the worst and laziest habit is not indicating - I would estimate a fifth of all drivers fail to do so and as many agin do it too late to be of any use to other road users.
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - volvoman

Of course you're right to say we all do things wrong from time to time but most of us do so inadvertently whilst some do so deliberately and recklessly. It's that small proportion we whinge about.
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - CM
intersting that no one yet has claimed speeding as a bad habit!

I quite often read a map while driving
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - John R @ Work {P}
I, ahem... cross my hands/arms when using the steering wheel.


John R
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - dimdip
When braking I push in the clutch as soon as the weight has transferred to the front and then coast to a stop under control of the brakes. I can't see a downside to this, but Mr Ripley says it is bad. And therefore it is.

Also: braking on corners, changing CDs, eating liquorice allsorts, and occasional misuse of the loud button on pedestrians for whom the Red Man / Green Man system is too complicated

What about you Andrew?
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Obsolete
In IAM observer taught me to coast a lot more than I used to when for example approaching red lights. Sounds much like what you do. Before hand I used to only depress the clutch when a few metres from a full stop.
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Dynamic Dave
Using mob, both for conversation and txt.
Picking nose.
Fiddling with stereo.
Blowing horn at drivers that cheese me off. eg braking for speed cameras when they aren't even doing 50mph in a 50mph zone.
Blowing horn at any time of day or night when going past parked cars that I consider parked dangerously.
Blowing horn for any petty reason actually!!
Making notes or reading a map.
Overtaking cars that are only doing 29mph in a 30mph zone.
Fiddling with trip computer display.

Oh and complaining about everyone else's driving habits.
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Simon Templar

Sadly, forget to look in mirror when about to overtake.
Cut corners when turning right.
Simon T.
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Dwight Van Driver
Known to drink water from a bottle on the move when on a long journey.

Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Cyd
Unfortunately, you'd probably find me in your right hand mirror commiting my sin. The instant an overtake presents itself I'm off, all 800 hooves pounding the tarmac - any hesitancy on the part of leading vehicles is an opportunity for me to pass!
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - volvoman

So it's YOU is it !
My worst habit (purely intentional) - slowing down gently when some to**er tailgates me when I'm doing the legal speed limit and he/she could overtake.
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - dave18
-"Speeding" (driving beyond unreasonable limits)
-Terrorising of tailgaters when doing 90 in the outside lane or when leaving some space in front myself (why do people bunch up in traffic for example.) Slamming on briefly is the best. The look on that man's face in the Jag!
-Searching for CDs, eating pizza at the wheel when delivering, lighting a cigarrette etc
-Answering the phone
But I'm good most of the time.
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - dan
Speeding all the time in NSL's
Rapid acceleration to whatever the speed limit is elsewhere.
Playing with stereo.
Driving with one arm out the window.
Eyeballing skirt. (teehee)
Intentionally aggravating to bad or inconsiderate drivers (slowing down, obstructing, giving the finger to dangerous overtaking).
Never giving way to a BMW, Laguna or Megane driver. (the latter two appear to think they are driving some supreme piece of racing technology almost without exception)

However l refue to use the phone in the car and am actually a very considerate driver....honest!
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - The Watcher
I guess my bad habit is deliberately slowing down when another driver gets right on your bumper. I find I do it more often when they are unable to overtake
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Andrew Hamilton
After reading all the above I am glad I keep well to the left on motorways and pull off on single carriageways if there is a queue behind my van.
I find difficulty keeping the concentration going on motorways. No wonder some drivers fall asleep. Makes even service stations a welcome break!
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - smokie
So, Andrew, having started the thread are you not guilty of anything?

Me - excessive speed on motorways (not so bad around town), lighting up on the move, occasional gentle tailgating & flashing of people who should NOT be blocking traffic by sitting in lane 3 when there is nothing in lane 2 (i.e. are not concentrating...).

Oh, and having a reasonable performer of a car, I quite enjoy sitting next to boy racers at the lights, giving it some revs and looking like I want a race, then pootling away slowly making them look even bigger dickheads than they manage to make themselves look...although occassionally I am tempted, and show them who has the faster car :-). I'd thought I'd grown out of that stuff but the MV6 has brought out the occassional demon in me.
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Andrew Hamilton
Yes guess I do most the things mentioned above at times. All one can do is keep trying to improve. After all the objective to to get from A to B causing minimum agro to others. I do meet full time drivers who tell me how bad things are on the road but admit they would not like any other job! I am definitely a safer driver in a van compared with when I had motorbikes in my youth. You soon realise you are not immortal when taking advantage of a bikes performance! Still hanker to get my last one on the road again. Will need to service it properly after 10 years in the garage. Dreams.....
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Johnny20
I always attempt to race at the lights
I never stop when the lights turn amber even though i know i could make it (hey it saves the brakes!?)
I always go in the outside lane at the lights and then gently sqeeeeze in.
I have a nasty habit of getting too close to lorries but i'm gradually fixing that and errr i keep pulling out in front of people.
Oh, and virtually lying accross the front seat, meaning i have no idea where i'm going, to reach cd's in the glove box.

And all that in only a year and a half of driving.

...and one thing that really annoys me is when people don't thank me for giving way. Tight Gits. Now that's a dangerous habit. huh hum... :-)

Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Pat L
No bad driving habits whatsoever. Ask the missus! Maybe one or two, such as:

messing about with stereo etc
moaning about other drivers' incompetence
eagerness to give a 'hand signal' the above, especially to boy racers, tailgaters, etc
flashing drivers who should, in my opinion, have lights on (or fog lights off)

It's all part of life's rich tapestry.

Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Godfrey H {P}
Refusing to be bullied by BMW drivers. Yes! I can see St.Ripley wagging his finger at me as I type.
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - THe Growler
Hey folks! the thread said BAD driving habits, not normal stuff.
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Godfrey H {P}
Growler, it is a BAD driving habit, I shouldn't let them get to me.
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Highland Idler
Yes, I will admit that I did have a bad driving habit. I used to drive a BMW. But not any more;=)

Yours aye

Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - svpworld
That's one less for us to worry about then! Congrats!!


p.s. did you use to put your front fog lights on in the day when its clear, and remove the badges so nobody knew what engine it was? :-)
SVPworld (incorporating PSRworld)
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Highland Idler
Dear S..

Nope, not front fog lights: Nor oddly (oddly as you will see...) did I remove the badges - oddly as it was a dozy slow 518 -

I learnt that BMW fanciers don't take much notice of the badge. Having spent many happy years before and after having the beast I was broken into 5 times in 18 months, including one seriously keen attempt at take-away-and-drive. Is there any truth in the rumour that BMW fanciers can't read?

btw may I direct my fellow back-roomers to ..

which has a (typically American slanted) view on good driving habits..

Yours aye

Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Cyd
There was a thread about this about a fortnight ago, but I can't find it now!!! This is the one I like best and is my other "bad" habit.
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Citroënian {P}

* Getting annoyed at other peoples driving, a general lack of patience I built up with years of driving for work, but I am gradually chilling out
* Flashing at those people who think the lane 2 is the only lane to use when there's a mile of space in lane 1, doing 50mph when I approach them 25mph faster
* Usually I'm nearer 80 than 70 on the M'way (indicated!)
* Stubborn refusal to speed anywhere in town, even if it means that I've a line of annoyed traffic behind me
* I've given up the driving when phoning thing - clean for 3 years now

I'm sure SWALTM would list many more, but that's enough confessions for today


Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - svpworld
My worst habit was exiting the A470 at rush hour, to turn right at the bottom roundabout. Seeing the right hand lane in front of me is queing almost back to the main carriageway I take the left land (completely empty) and then drive quickly around the outside of the roundabout to take the right exit (its a 2 lane exit so what's the problem!). This really annoyed drivers!

Also have to admit to letting the steering wheel slip through my hands on return (I wonder how many of us "feed" the wheel as we were taught to in our driving test!)

In my previous manual car I would often coast up to red traffic lights in neutral..

Often put my headlights on when there's the slightest hint of dull or dark skies and also when driving through country roads (I think its safer!). Now I put them on more often as drivers think I'm a cop and get out the way for me! , especially when I wear my fluorescent jacket :-)

At least I have to admit that I do NOT :

(i) drive in the day with my foglights on (what is it about these sad people who feel it makes their cars sportier!)
(ii) Drive too close to cars in front of me
(iii) Stay in the 2nd lane of a motorway when there's nobody on the inside lane (these drivers really annoy me!!!!)
(iv) Slow down to 10mph below the speed limit when there's a cop car or a speed camera near
(v) Attempt to drive over the pavement or someones garden if there's an ambulance approaching (Ive seen a lady drive onto the central raised reservation of a traffic light system in her clio only to ground the car doing this!)
(vi) Play bass notes loud enough to vibrate the road surface and vibrate windows of passing cars! (only because my speakers arent good enough though!)
(v) Drive around with green sidelights, blue lit windscreen washers or ultraviolet lighting under my car!!! (Yuck!)
(vi) Put a nodding dog on my rear parcel shelf
(vii) Wear sunglasses and put my arm out the window when its almost dark!
(viii) Drive without any shirt on
(ix) Wait at junctions when there's no traffic then suddenly pull out just as a car approaches them
(x) Drive with my coat hanging out the door and cleaning the road surface
(xi) ..... to be continued

Well, I thought why not list a few things that annoy me!


SVPworld (incorporating PSRworld)
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Flat in Fifth
Must confess that if seriously tailgated at night I do seem to find a sudden urgent need to give the windscreen and headlights a really good and thorough washing. This seems in a strange way to be coupled with a desire to look in the rear view mirror just as the cloud of spray loosed by the headlight wash reaches the windscreen of the tailgater. Perhaps someone else could explain the phenomena of remotely controlled brake application which seems to result.

Yes I know I know!

Oh yes I forgot to say I was highly amused at the weekend by the situation which arose between Mr (Rear Fogs on) Avensis after being given a serious flashing Mr (Front Fogs on) 406. Errmm pot/kettle/black perchance?
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - doug_523i
Driving away from Tescos in the wet, around a roundabout, with my front wheels spinning and on opposite lock, Xantias can be fun. Curiously, my front tyres wear out quite quickly :-)
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Arfur
I confess to listening to a tale of a friends 150mph cruise down to Le Mans in his new Porsche and going all misty eyed. For a second there I almost gave up my dreams of owning a large practical diesel estate car and wondered if there might be life above 100mph. I wonder how much it would take me to save up for a 330d.
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - svpworld
Been on the A40 I think it was with my mate in his new M5 (chipped and unlimited) at 160mph, I've never felt so scared in all my life!!!! Also been in an m3 convertible with the roof down at 155 mph, another experience not to forget!!!!! (I wasn't driving either car!)


SVPworld (incorporating PSRworld)
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Richard Hall
Different bad habits depending which car I am driving:

Audi - tendency to get too close to car in front - especially if the car is a Nissan Sunny doing 55 mph in the outside lane of a dual carriageway, when the road is clear for about half a mile in front. This is a habit I am trying to break. General lack of respect for motorway speed limits, unless there are cameras about.

Polo - nipping through gaps that are only just big enough, taking roundabouts without slowing down (golden rule for driving an underpowered car - never, ever lose speed unless you absolutely have to), driving with two wheels on pavement to get round stationary traffic.

Mustang - using too much power coming out of side turnings, lighting up the back wheels and fishtailing for about 50 yards until normal grip is restored. Naughty but fun, not recommended if there is other traffic about.

Richard Hall
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - vercin
1) Taking foot off the gas when tailgated.
2) When coming up on a middle lane hog on the motorway I have been known to use all 3 lanes to overtake and then come back in!
3) Laughing and applauding spectacularly dangerous or aggressive drivers.
4) Still doing 3 despite knowing better (I am trying to reform).


Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Danxxx
When I was younger, my dad use to really annoy me while driving. He wouldn't put lights on until it was nearly dark, had the pathetic habit of switching engine off at traffic lights, using the hard shoulder to undertake while in a traffic jam on the motorway in order to get off at the next junction and deciding to speed in town, but go too slow on the motorway. AS for me... no comment!
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Gregory P
I have loads of bad driving habits. I brake too hard, I don't look far enough ahead of me, I coast far too often, I always do a lifesaver in my car whenever overtaking on a motorway or even joining, I drive too fast in town (37mph rather than 30mph) and sometimes fail to keep my distance on fast roads (i.e. 2 second gap rather than 3 or 4 second).

I am however doing an advanced driving test to try and iron out these problems which means that at least I am trying to improve my driving and acknowledge that my driving is far from perfect. Knowing that your driving is not perfect I think makes all of us a better driver as we take less risks in my view.
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - eMBe {P}
My bad habit is not checking how old a thread is before I reply to it.

Note: {P} - indicates that I am advertising that my profile can be viewed.
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Cliff Pope
Slipping into neutral without declutching and coasting up to lights.
Holding wheel at 5 to 1 resting elbows on lower part of wheel.
Slow-speed manoeuvering winding the wheel round with the heel of my hand, like an imaginary disabled handle, and letting it spin to self-centre.
I used to carry too many children in the back, before I got proper boot seats.
Overloading roof rack with furniture, boats etc.
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Steve S
Sometimes going too fast on roads I know well.
Getting impatient with people who look lost - when I'd be no better in their situation.
Using the footbrake to hold "drive" at short change traffic lights.
Slowing down if tailgated aggressively while overtaking.
Easily distracted by summer clad ladies when driving through town.
Blowing kisses or applauding over aggressive bits of driving.
Undertaking lane hogs.
Drinking water from a bottle on a long trip.

Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - daveyjp
I hope that guy I saw on Sunday reads this. Discovery M42 about 11am. All over the place - hard shoulder then inside/middle lane - he did this at about 70 for a good mile. I overtook and found he had a butty in his right hand and a cup of coffee in his left!
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Nsar
Ocassional undertaking
Have been known to drive over gravel at edge of central reservation when being really aggressively tailgated :-0
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Amin_{p}
my worst habbit must be trying to pull of Formula one stunts in my citroen AX. This involves having my bonnet about 4 inches behind the guy's boot before I suddenly break the slip stream and pull out for the kill (overtake). Then again, if you had a 1.4 diesel, you would want to maximise as much as you can out of the engine and tucking up behind the guy in front does the trick most of the time. Another bad one, is I always challenge myself to see how late I can brake, again not good, with a car with no ABS and founr tyres which dont match. On the whole, if I get up at the wrong side of the bed, i am a very BAD driver, and I admit it, however so far I have neither had and accident, nor caused one. Oh and forgot this one, i can never sti still at the lights, and find myself constantly edging forwards, so by the time the light is green, I might be a good two yards past the line already, but incase you want to jumb the gun, I should tell you now that I neither joy ride, nor am a boy racer, that is to say I never race on the streets.
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Dan J
Very frequent undertaking on the motorway. Not done aggressively but if I can see 2 miles clear in the inside lane I'll drive in it.

Losing the plot completely and honking, swearing and gesturing at the idiots who

i. Stop me from pulling out on a roundabout when I could've because they weren't indicating


ii. Getting in the wrong lane on the roundabout then pulling directly in front of you.

I chased someone once...
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Thommo
Two very bad habits:

Driving an auto, I put it in drive and leave it there, even if I am stationery with my brake lights showing for several minutes.

Switch on front fog lights when hacking round country lanes as it illuminates the edges of the road better, forget to turn off when vehicle comes the other way.

Apart from that I'm perfect...
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - joe
Dabbing the brakes when i am being tailgated.
Stamping on the brakes when the above doesn't work.
Lighting fags.
Not putting seat belt on.
getting agressive. Perfect example last night. Me in outside lane, berk in a Benz in inside lane, pulls out when I am almost alongside him. I have 2 choices, stamp on brakes and let him out, or lean on throttle and "play chicken". Option 2 not the most sensible, but alas.....
Using front fogs in country lanes at night.
Using non-approved hand signals.
Racing away from lights.
Doing handbrake turns in the ice and snow to impress my children in the back.
Answering the phone. Eating hamburgers. Rummaging in trouser pockets for faglighters, chewing gum etc.
Undertaking. Tailgating when I am cross. Getting impatient.
Driving home in the morning after a booze-up.
Speeding after washing car to "give it a blow dry"
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Vaughan
Using the Bond-style "smoke-screen" when being tailgated, by labouring engine off-boost. Dickens himself couldn't have conjured a thicker pea-souper.

Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Alfafan {P}
Guilty of lots of the above, especially the non-aggressive undertaking. Also straightlining mini-roundabouts, speeding, suddenly pulling in when I spot a parking space.

No longer guilty of aggressively responding to bad or stupid driving (I swear at them though).
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - OKJoe
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - THe Growler
Anyone admit to bad driving habits?

I have none at all, the problem is that everybody else does.
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - LongDriver {P}
I'm an excellent driver and it's all eveyrone else's fault!

Unless I missed it, nobody mas mentioned eating a) Big Mac Meal b) Petrol Station Meal Deal c) Doner Kebab d) Fish and Chips etc whilst driving.

Using Philishave

Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - LongDriver {P}
Ohhh...failed to mention:

My brake lights seem to mysteriously come on as if by magic when anyone behind me flashes me for my overtaking and pulling-back-in skills.

As I drive a Laguna, it must surely be an electrical fault??
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - NorthernKev {P}
Equally guilty of straightlining mini and full size roundabouts, only when people aint around.
Swerving to shut up annoying passengers.
Taking notice of 'check your brakes' signs, also good for above.
Tailgaiting cars when the left lane[s] is[are] free.
Turning on all lights to help acomplish the above.
Overtaking cars on motorway slip roads.
Nipping through small gaps.
Being generally impatient.
Driving with no hands on wheel, to prove that it can be done, bored of holding wheel, curious as to how long the car will track straight for, or wondering if something was in the road whether I could hold wheel in time.
Putting feet on dashboard [to also prove it can be done] and allowing car to crawl in second gear [impressive in a petrol Punto].

Other than that, I too am quite a good driver!

Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - Pugugly {P}
Speeding on de-restricteds, demon overetaking, mind wandering when under pressure (but not at the smae time.) Confession time - in the really hot weather I took the MINI and BM out in wee small hours (unable to sleep) on a few occasions and hammmered them.....they came back ticking, I came back cool, difficult to say which one was best over an identical 30 mile country route, marginally the 5 had it just for the comfort and the fact that I have better taste in music than SWMBO (Fireball that's another joke btw)
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - GolfR_Caravelle_S-Max
Errr, in the past (before IAM days..... :-P )

Slipstreaming Lorries when doing 450+ miles a day.
Eating curries/ chips from lap
taking notes on a dictophone (to copy up later)

Using both sides of an A or B road when not solid white lines and no traffic is oncoming to smooth out the journey.


Cornering once on two wheels in an 1997 Astra Estate..

Since IAM Days:
Being confident to overtake in safe circumstances...
If being tailgated, put on your windscreen washers - it ALWAYS goes back onto the car behind and 90% of the time they will move back.

Getting annoyed with people who do 39mph on a NSL 60mph road for 20 miles, then speed up to 40 when entering a 30mph!

I ALWAYS indicate, but loathe those who don't..
I have undertaken (n.b. "The Volvo T5 - Made for Overtakers not Undertakers" - Good advertising slogan??) onthe motorway but ONLY with one clear lane between me and the "crawler". IE they're in lane 3, I would be in Lane 2. Thus some safety margin, and it makes them aware of poor technique.

Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - GolfR_Caravelle_S-Max
Make that I would be in lane 1...
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - GrumpyOldGit
Can I revive this? Oops - I already have.

Are the above actually bad habits? They seem to me to be choices of behaviour made by the driver.

imo examples of bad habits would be - driving with the left foot resting on the clutch pedal, driving with only one hand holding the steering wheel, not checking the rear-view mirror(s).

I would think that most people are not really aware of their bad habits. I'm not, but obviously that's because I don't have any. :-) Next time you're driving, think about it and check yourself. Any admissions of guilt would be interesting.
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - pmh
I am surprised that no one else has admitted to the Take away Curry on the front seat habit.

When collecting it, I do anything to avoid hard braking, or fast cornering, straight line mini roundabouts (even if it means going clock wise), Have even been known to hang the bag on the gearlever, that means odd numbered gears only!

Clarkson did a hillarious skit on it recently.

pmh (was peter)
Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - andymc {P}

Having read all of the above, I can relate to a few too many of the transgressions mentioned. But I guess my worst offences were probably the rare times when I simply lost my temper - I have to admit that on two separate occasions (over a two year period), both when in a foul mood after a bad day at work, I have chased idiots on the motorway, just to make a point, and casting caution and concern for my licence to the wind. My annoyance was caused both times by the fact that I was overtaking a line of cars at 75 (I never exceed this on UK motorways), and at the last possible moment and for no sensible reason, someone pulled out without indicating and floored it just to get in front.
Passing them at a multiple of 12 the first time and a multiple of 11 the other time, I realised my foolishness and coasted back down. I just hope I don't let it happen a third time! And I know I'm responsible for my own actions, there's no excuse etc.

I can also plead guilty to securing the wheel with my left knee in order to clap sarcastically. This may have happened more than once.

In spite of the above, I consider myself to be a safe driver.


Anyone admit to bad driving habits? - THe Growler
Steering wheel habits: big cars with power steering, using just the palm of one hand to steer. Turning the right hand upside down and grasping the top of the wheel in the centre on non power steering when turning corners.

(Cringes) answering and sending text messages on the move, having fumbled for reading glasses first......only occasionally honestly.

Value my car