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1994 4.6 v8 - Poss Liner problem - davidcanning
I am currantly rebuilding a 4.6V8 out of a Range Rover. I understand these engines are subject to liner problems. Having made up blanking plates for the water jacket I pressure tested the block buy emersing in water at 50Ibs pressure. Very minute bubbles escaped around the top of the liner flush with the block. It has been suggested that this will cause no problem as the head gasket will seal any leaks. I would be greatful if anyone has experienced this or has knowledge where the liner fails.
Regards Dave.

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1994 4.6 Rover v8 4.6 Poss Liner problem - Screwloose

It's an epidemic. The 3.9 and 4.6 took the bores one step too far and the thinned alloy behind the liners cracks at high miles, allowing water to seep up the outside of the liner and enter the combustion chamber - as the gasket sits on the block just outside the liner.

"Top-hat" liners cure the problem as they are sealed by the gasket - but if the block has already gone, then it will likely crumble as they are fitted.

Turner Engineeering are the acknowledged experts in this problem; worth a call.

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