Tyre suggestions please - Colin J
I have a Honda Accord Tourer 05Reg. I want to get 4 -225x45x17 tyres but i aint got a clue which sort to get,At the moment i have got 4 michelin which have about 3k miles left in them [only bought the car in september this year] but at the moment they are tramlining like hell.Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what brand of tyres would be suitable.Cheers

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Tyres-Tramlining - daveyjp
Same size as my Audi - I recently went for Vredestein Ultracs - £100 each fitted.

Tramlining may be due to low tread, or it could be the road surface. I've just had a trip on the M62 and the deep ruts due to HGVs around Huddersfield junction in both directions caused really bad tram lining, moving across from the inside to the middle lane was scary the first time I hit the ruts.
Tyres-Tramlining - gordonbennet
One of our posters had serious tramlining problems on his MPV, after discussions here he fitted Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta's and his problems were apparently cured.

One other thought, how long since you had the wheels aligned?

Its a horrible sensation, hope you find the correct cure.
Tyres-Tramlining - rtj70
Only car I had that I could detect tramlining was the Golf GTi 1.8T. It only had 16" wheels too. Particularly bad on the sliproad from M56 towards A556. Car stolen within 6 months so had no experience of other tyres.
Tyres-Tramlining - smokie
The Omega suffered this badly, also a noise which two mechanically minded friends diagnosed as wheel bearings. A new set of tyres cured both problems - they were nearly due anyway. I think it was Pirelli's which were replaced by BF Goodrich - but those were later replaced with Goodyear, still with no probs, so maybe your problem is just wear, not brand. (The wheel bearing sound was apparently because the fronts had gone out of round shape.
Tyres-Tramlining - Brit_in_Germany
This subject hasn't been raised for a while but a forum search comes up with


and the replies thereto.

Tyres-Tramlining - Andy P
I used to swear by the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2, but when I last changed (about 7k ago), I opted for the new Goodyear Eagle F1 Assymetric, and I would definitley recommend them to anyone looking for a performance tyre.
Tyres-Tramlining - gabble
I've had two cars in the past that tramlined that tramlined - particularly wanting to follow white lines. Slightly increasing the front tyre pressures helped greatly on both.

Very low profile tyres in particular seem very sensitive to tyre pressures.

Tyres-Tramlining - Statistical outlier
This is a known problem with the Accord on the 17" tyres. The original Yokos that it comes with are particularly bad - very stiff sidewalls.

I'm currently using Michelin PS2s, and to be honest I'm underwhelmed. The past two sets I've had on the front have been Pirelli P6000 Powergy (the reinforced sidewall ones), and they were great. Fairly cheap, grippy, and almost no tramlining. I got about 24k out of front sets. I'll be going back ro them in preference to the Michelins when the time comes to change again.
Tyres-Tramlining - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
Tramlining is often noticed when tyres are getting towards the end of their life but are still legal. Bikes and cars both.
Grin and bear it until your 3k is up or take the plunge and get new tyres.
Tyres-Tramlining - Alebear
Michelin HPs on my Volvo S80 and they have tramlined since being put on. Too dear to change tyres, but it is something that I am far from happy with.
My Saab 9-5 has had all sorts of tyres (same sized 16 inch wheels), and nothing have been better than Continental Premium Contact 2s.
Howver, owing to a series of punctures, it presently has Goodyears - OK but sometimes a little less grippy than other tyres.
As soon as I am able to justify it, both cars will be re-shod with Continentals. No question.
Tyres-Tramlining - Hamsafar
The only tyres I have had this problem with (on two cars) were Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 (not the ones mentioned above). They were great tyres otherwise. I rang Goodyear and they said it was due to the profile and I should get a more comfort/grand touring type tyre with curved sidewalls to eliminate it. When I changed tyres for less high performance ones, the tramlining instantly disappeared. It's horrible, like a wonkey trolley, I hope you can cure it.
05 2.2 Tyres - Colin J
Hi Everybody, Can anyone recommend new tyres for the above motor 225x45x17R.
05 2.2 Tyres - Statistical outlier
I've had a lot of luck with Pirelli P6000 Powergys. The Powergy bit is important - the reinforced sidewall means that they last well. No tramlining, nice and quiet, grip seems good, lasted 24k on the front both times.

I've got Michelin Pilot Sport 2s on the front this time, cost quite a bit more, no appreciable advantages so far, and have been hard to balance (still not quite right after 3 trys). They may last a lot longer, in which case they may be worth it, but I'm not convinced so far.
05 2.2 Tyres - Colin J
Hi Gordon, Not long bought this motor [sept] i was swayed by Hondas reliabilty have just got rid of a Volvo V70 est.So far not been convinced these are as good as they are made out.The tyres which are on the car are about ready for re-newing with about 5k miles left at best it as 3 michelin &1 conti but they have been tramlining and toeing to left. I have had it laser tracked the front 2 wheels swopped from side to side and recently the rears swopped with the fronts which as almost eradicated the problem. I have been told any of the contis contact 2-3 are pretty good but very expensive dont mind spending the money as long as they will do the job.
05 2.2 Tyres - Statistical outlier
The service manager at the dealership I use mentioned something to me about the very early tourers needing the trailing arms (I think, to be honest I can't remember exactly) replaced on the rear suspension. It's a FOC item if you need them I believe. Mine didn't, but you might check.

I've never had a problem with toeing over to the left. But, the steering is quite sensitive - you can feel when you have to correct for camber. On a 'flat' motorway the car runs completely true, but on some more cambered roads you can feel the pull.

My experience is that it is very tyre related - hence the recommendation for the Pirellis. They are not a 'sexy' tyre I know, but I've found them v good.

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05 2.2 Tyres - Colin J
Many thanks for that info Gordon,i did not know that about the trailing arms but i have been to National Tyres today and had 4 conti contact 3s fitted, to be fair i have not had a good run round with them yet but first impressions its not eradicated the problem.On poor surfaced country roads its still toeing to the left and right slightly and has you say the steering is very sensitive.My son-in-law has a Golf Gt and he has got Goodyear F1 gsd3s fitted all round and he tells me that he as slight toe to the left with is.Cheers
05 2.2 Tyres - Statistical outlier
I fear the Conti Contact 3 may be a very poor choice. It's a high performance 'sports' tyre as far as I'm aware; for that, read very stiff sidewalls for precise track handling - a recipe for tramlining on the Accord and 17" wheels.

The OEM Yokohamas that came with the car had the same setup, and the same result - the car follows every contour in the road, and tramlines heavily. I recommended the Pirellis precisely because they don't do this, although I am sure you sacrifice the last 5% of track day cornering as a result.

I'd love to be wrong on this, so I hope you find it's improved things. If not, I can recommend ringing BlackCircles - they were excellent at giving advice, and recommended solutions much cheaper than I had been considering.

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05 2.2 Tyres - Colin J
Thanks Gordon,I only had contis contact 3s put on on the advise of National Tyres i got to the stage where i was clutching at straws for help & advise,And contis dont come cheap well not to me they dont,Has it stands at the moment i do regret buying this motor.

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05 2.2 Tyres - Statistical outlier
One question - you asked if anyone had a recommendation for tyres to solve a specific problem. I had exactly the same problem on the same car, and had successfully solved it, but you instead spent more on tyres that have made it worse. Why did you ask?

One thought - if the tyre place advised you that the Conti's would help the problem, is there any chance that you could get them to change them as it's instead made things worse? I'm assuming here that you're about £400 down, so it's not a trivial problem.

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05 2.2 Tyres - paulvm
Just logged in and seen this item about Accord Tourer tyres. I have an 06 model, and like Gordon M it came fitted with Yoko tyres. These tramlined very badly on my 17inch wheels and were replaced with Pirelli P6000. These have been excellent for wear and no tramlining. A very good all round tyre on this car. Plus they lasted over 30,000 on the front, so were replaced with the same.
05 2.2 Tyres - Hamsafar
A few years ago I used to have this problem, new tyres seemed to cure it until they were bedded in and it would return. Only a move away from sporty/high performance tyres cured it. Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 to Pirelli P7s at the time.
05 2.2 Tyres - Colin J
Right, First of all this morning I rang Honda Uk in London and They told me that they were unware of any specific tyres that was not suitable for tha HA, secondly i rang my local Honda dealer and they have never come across any problems with the trailing arms on the rear as you suggeated, and thirdly the pirelli powergys that you recommended are over my budget, but if its a problem replying please dont bother.
snipquote AGAIN!!

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05 2.2 Tyres - Statistical outlier
Sorry if I?ve offended you, but Honda are hardly likely to admit to the fact that there are various tyres that, to say the least, do not suit their cars. Especially as they used to supply the Accord with Yoko tyres that tramlined like nobody?s business. Equally they deny that there is a fuel economy problem with the 2.2 diesel (you may be lucky and be in the minority that gets the 50 mpg you?re supposed to), or problems with the EGR valve, swirl chambers or exhaust manifold.

As for tyre choice, I was surprised that you replaced tyres that were causing you issues with tramlining with sporty tyres that were highly likely to tramline. The Conti?s are high performance tyres as fitted on the Audi RS4 etc, so I assumed that they were expensive. Indeed, checking Blackcircles, they are about £106 a corner fitted, when the Pirelli?s I mentioned are only £98. Blackcircles can normally be beaten, I would expect you to be able to get the P?s fitted for about £85 or so shopping around.

Lastly, I thought I was quite explicit that I couldn?t remember the exact details about the rear suspension arm that might cause problems. I was told by Keith Johnson, service manager of Collier?s Honda in Sutton Coldfield. He is on 0121 382 4000. It wasn?t relevant to my car so I didn?t note exact details. Hopefully he can help one way or the other.

In any case, I hope that you manage to sort it. It?s not too much trouble to reply at all, I was trying to be helpful, but given the way this thread is going I think I?ll stop bothering.

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05 2.2 Tyres - Pendlebury
I know my local Honda dealer readily admitted to me that the Yokos made the Accord tram line badly on the 17" Pentas.
I was definitely going to change for Michelins but may now be tempted to go for the Pirelli or Continentals.
Tyer wear on the Yoko's is rubbish on the front as well.
I got about 12K before they were down at 1.5mm.
Since swapping to the back they are now reducing by about 1mm every 4-5K.
05 2.2 Tyres - Colin J
There is only one company i know of who can beat all internet sites fully fitted and that is Britannia Tyres who quoted me £378 for contis fully fitted but i do have to travel for them.I got this set fitted at National Tyres which is on my door step for £384 fully fitted, they quoted me £115 per tyre at National for P.Powergys over the desk but £108 at there website, Black circles were on par but i had to travel to have them fitted , there was one garage near me who would fit your tyres if you bought them by mail order but they wanted £11 per corner,As for the HAT mine is quite crappy as far as fuel consumtion is concerned parts are very very expensive but i am told the are very reliable,I traded my Volvo V70 2.4 diesel in for this Honda but i am afraid fuel economy it cant live with the Volvo but then again another motor with expensive parts but no problem with tyres.
Gordon if you do read this have a look at www.tyrereviews.co.uk and you will find there is alot of people who do rate the contis on the Hondas but you dont say in your messages whether you have used them or not.I will pobably get some where out of these tyres and p/x this HAT for another VW Passat.
05 2.2 Tyres - Collos25
The car when new should have had run flat tyres fitted they are a nightmare on 17"wheels. Mine was 16"fitted with Dunlop tyres that cost £240 fitted no tramlining no problems with the steering being to light averages 46mpg(measured brim to brim) and in 90k miles has suffered no problems unlike some vehicles I have had pass through me in the last few years.
05 2.2 Tyres - Pendlebury
Colin J, I would appreciate an update on what you ended up fitting (I thought it was the Continentals) and how you find them in comparison to the Yokohamas, which IMO are rubbish tyres.
I hope you can update us.
05 2.2 Tyres - adverse camber
I guess he never sorted it. He has an Accord for sale in the classifieds.

(incidentally at a higher price than a couple of dealers are charging for the same age/miles)
05 2.2 Tyres - Borris
Hi all on the subject of tyres I would like a somewhat logical reason why Honda has done away with the spare wheel and replaced it with a bottle of gunk and a compressor .
I had the misfortune of collecting a small screw nail on my new Honda Accord so I had no allternative but to use the punchture repair system which did work to allow me to return home . The following day I thought I had nothing better to do than to go to my local tyre outfit to have it repaired as you are not suposed to drive about with the temperary repair ,that is when I was told that because I had used this gunk they could not repair the tyre .
This tyre outfit is not alone as I tryed several diffrent major outlets who all said the same , I retrieved the punchtured tyre after having a new one fitted £165 and there is no visable sign of any penetration internally.
Taking every thing into consideration I canot believe that there is not a way to repair this new tyre ( only done 2000 miles ) I still believe that it is possible to have what they term as a major repair vulcanized.
The other gripe is whey do all the car manufactures put high speed rated tyres on your avarage family car which will never reach the speed rating and are very expensive .
We seem to live in a through away age and are developing technology to test tyres to distruction which is far belond the markings on the sidwalls of any tyre that has been manufactured.