07 1.4 - Clutch Failure - southenddave
Hi All.

Hopefully you can help me help my Mum.

My Mum has a 2007 Fiesta with 11,000 miles on the clock that has just had the clutch fail suddenly on a roundabout. On taking it to the dealer, she was told this was just wear and tear and must be down to her driving style. I find this incredibly hard to believe as she has had two Fords before this one (both Focuses) and they have both had in excess of 70,000 miles driven before needing a new clutch. The dealer categorically refuses to do the work under the warranty and wants £750. Her local mechanic (family friend) has agreed to do the work for £320. Should we just go with this?


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07 1.4 2007 Fiesta Clutch Failure - Rattle
We've had a lot of Fords and the clutches have always been brilliant. The problem Ford will have is that it is possible to wear a clutch out in five minutes, and if it is worn it is probably due to your mums driving.

However I am sure the dealer would have to proove it was not down to a manufacturing defect.

I would maker a big big fuss and stink with you dealer.

PS £750 to change a clutch on a Fiesta - what planet are they on! On my dads Fiesta we have been quoted £250 for a new plate and new slave cylinder now I am sure modern ones are more complex but even so.

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07 1.4 2007 Fiesta Clutch Failure - rtj70
The clutch is a wear item so most marques to not cover this. Mazda is one of the only ones I know of that do even if caused by the driver but the limit is 9,000 miles (I think). One can wear out a clutch and need a new one in a few miles if you tried hard enough.

£320 sounds a good price. Is that with Ford parts and include labour. But I don't keep up to speed on these things - only needed a clutch on one car and that was a company once and was slipping.

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07 1.4 2007 Fiesta Clutch Failure - RichardW
I'd have thought that if the clutch failed suddenly and totally without warning at only 11k miles, then there is some manufacturing fault with it. Trouble is, the dealer has you over a bit of a barrel here - they won't know what's wrong till they've got the gearbox out, by which time you will be committed to them replacing the clutch - whether or not Ford will pay. If they're just saying driver error without even looking at it, they're having you on, especially at £750 - try Ford Customer Services.
07 1.4 - Clutch Failure - Technical matters
I am from Serbia, and I have exactly the same problem: on 11,000 miles clutch was destroyed. And the same answer: "You drive with the leg on pedal ???!, you have to pay for the repairing". Official answer from official personnel in official Ford service. Cost was: 900 eur! Car was in the warranty period!

I had exactly the same problem in next 11,000 miles! I go to the another service - they charged me 50 euros!!!

Reason: I was by the service people, and I found that only what they have to do is to change frictions (only plates) on the disc!

Who will buy new car to use it only 500 hours!!! Nobody!

I am on the court with the Ford Serbia, because they like to "steal my money" on legal way - I am close to win!

Regards from Serbia