2004 2.0 hdi heat control failure - chriss
A few days ago I came to use the heater fan in the car and it failed to work. All of the other controls work, such as the A/C and heated rear screen. I have checked all the fuses inside the car and the fuse box in the engine compartment. I have even had part of the dash board apart and removed the heater control unit to check for loose wires etc on the back, but nothing.
Has any body come across problems with there heater not working? and if so how did you get over it, or how much did it cost to put right, with winter coming I need to get it fixed asap.
2004 2.0 hdi heat control failure - elekie&a/c doctor
Usual problems with the heater fan inop are caused by a burnt/overheated multi-pin connector block found behind the dash,just above the passenger footwell area.hth
2004 2.0 hdi heat control failure - chriss
Thanks , I will have a look for it. What sort of price to get it fixed at a garage, any idea??


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