2002 1.4 Water in wheel well - Colliewobble
Have just had to empty the wheel well of water and in desperation am wondering if anyone can point me at a solution to this.

In the past I have removed the rear side trims and can see that the water is coming down through the rear bodywork (roof side pressings) and exiting halfway down the boot opening inside the car (rust stains) on both sides. It then ends up in the rear wheel well.

Some while ago I got the local dealer to "fix it" (3 times) under the known Technical bulletin, but their solution seems to have been just to smear sealant around the end of the roof bar channel which reduced but never stopped the leaks.

Ideally, what I'd like is either a copy of the bulletin or full details of what it contained.

Any suggestions please?

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2002 1.4 Water in wheel well - Bill Payer
As no-one else has replied, can only suggest that you try Honda Customer Services and see what they say, or else try another dealership.
2002 1.4 Water in wheel well - Colliewobble
Bill Payer, Thanks for the suggestion but I went this route originally.

Honda Customer Support doesn't - they just referred me to Dealer.

Dealer denied all knowledge of TSB until I gave them the details (courtesy of Grease Monkey) and then took 3 attempts to not fix it. I even took out all the interior trim in the boot to make their "warranty" job easier - they still bodged it!

Anyway, I've taken a more pragmatic approach - two 6mm holes drilled in the floor and the water now just drains out - problem solved!!

Not an ideal solution I know, but at least my bodge actually solves the sloshing around :-)

2002 1.4 Water in wheel well - theeruditefrog
We had this problem - water in the wheel well and the rear passenger wells to.

It's a known fault - Honda have a page in this in their online fault/service manual.

As mentioned, the water is probably coming into the car from a sealant joints under the rubber roof rails, right at the rear, very close to where the boot hinges are.

The sealant they used in this model was too rigid and cracks.

The solution is to get the new sealant, scrape out the old sealant and replace.

I think Honda dealers do this from the inside, removing all the interior as it's a 3hr job.

I couldn't get them to do it on warranty and I didn't want to hack out all the old stuff, so I gut strips of good gaffa tape and put that over the cracked joints. It's hidden under the rails.

SO far, no leaks.

If it happens again, I'll do the re-seal.

2002 1.4 Water in wheel well - Colliewobble
Tony, Thanks for the suggestion.
Now that summer is with us, I'll try the gaffa route.

I tried to get the old sealant out from top, but it isn't easy to work between tailgate and bodywork.

Certainly the holes have solved the buildup of water - when I first noticed the problem, the entire wheel-well was full.

2002 1.4 Water in wheel well - ajmcm


I've been having the same problem with my 05 Jazz.. I can't find honda's online fault/service manual you mentioned. Can you post a link to it? Going to take it in to a dealer next week.



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