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2005 2.2 VSC / TRC Off Warning Light - Mr Fox
My Toyota has developed a fault.

The above warning light is on all the time, Now I know that the front tyres are due for replacement, and I wonder whether this might be related.

This is leased car, the last time I went to Kwik Fit to have them changed, they refused as there were several microns of tread left on the tyres.

Now I have to drive to Scotland this week, and with the foul weather and cold, I feel slightly nervous about doing this on poor tyres, with the VSC / TRC off.

I am wondering whether the system has detected the tyres are worn, and hence is illuminated, so it could be cured with some new rubber, or whether I should make an expensive visit to Toyota first for a diagnosis ( If they can fit me in this week )

Also anyone seen the New Avensis in the flesh ? I have to choose between this and the New Audi A4 for my next car.



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2005 2.2 VSC / TRC Off Warning Light - Screwloose

Although differences in rolling radii could cause this problem; I share your concerns and I'd be getting on to the dealers ASAP.
2005 2.2 VSC / TRC Off Warning Light - rustbucket
I would be getting on to the lease company and insisting the fault is fixed.I have also been in your shoes re the tyres only just in the legal limits on my leased vehicle.I usually have a tug of war over the issue then they back down, on one occasion I faxed them and stated that any accident atributed to tyre problems they would be resposible for and copied the director of the company I work for and the personel dept. I had new tyres that afternoon.
2005 2.2 ENGINE FAULTY NOW !! - Mr Fox
I took the car for some new tyres and to the Toyota Garage.


They tell me the injector for No 1 Cylinder has failed, it will be over £ 500 to fix it, hence the engine management light was on, it was a bit lumpy, I put that down to the cold weather.

They also told me that it was VERY COMMON on this car, and they are always having to change these components.

So potentially £2000 of work could be needed to keep this on the road until next September. This is not what we expect from Toyota.

Grrr :-<
2005 2.2 ENGINE FAULTY NOW !! - rustbucket
Does the lease company not pay for service/repairs?
2005 2.2 ENGINE FAULTY NOW !! - Mr Fox
Hi Rustbucket,

Yes and no, the lease company pays for routine maintainence, anything over and above this, is recharged to my company. And as it is just over 3 years old, and 68 000 miles, there is no warranty cover from Toyota.

There may be some discussions between Toyota and the lease company, but I expect we'll be hit with the full bill. It is driving like a pig at the moment very rattly and smoky like an old Ford Orion.

It will go in the garage next week and be sorted out. Its a shame, it has knocked my faith in Toyotas.
2005 2.2 ENGINE FAULTY NOW !! - yokel38
I see plenty of these engines, and i've never known a cylinder faliure personally, it may well be worth getting onto customer relations at toyota, maybe even your leasing company getting on the blower to them, there may even be a warranty extension. I'll check and let you know tomorrow.
2005 2.2 ENGINE FAULTY NOW !! - yokel38
... a tricky one this, IF the engine has been starved of oil then there may be a chance that warranty will cover it, there is warranty extension for excessive oil usage, you can only ask the question, as i posted earlier failing that, it is still worth a bell to CR, the worst they can do is say no.
Hope you get this problem sorted
2005 2.2 Gearbox Fault and Useless Dealer - Mr Fox
Once again this "Famous for reliability" Toyota has ben off the road again, this time they tell me that they had to remove the gearbox to cure an oil leak. Total cost 1200 quid !

I am serously pink fluffy dice off with it now, I can't wait to get rid of it. That is more than 2000 Quid in the last few weeks. on a car that has only done 70 K miles and just over 3 years old.

It is a great shame, as I was thinking of getting a New one, they look very good. But This one has been a complete dog and the dealer is worse than useless.

Am i the only one with such a bad experience ?

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2005 2.2 Gearbox Fault and Useless Dealer - Guanocascade
The seal on injector 2 of my 2005 2.2D4D has just failed at 82k and Toyota said they would try and keep the bill to below £3k!!!!!. I have had the car recovered from them and taken to a diesel specialist who said they would complete the work for less than £1k. I'll let you know how it goes!!
2005 2.2 Gearbox Fault and Useless Dealer - Guanocascade
Had the work done over the last week at Feather Diesel in Halifax who with the recovery from a Toyota garage charged a total of £610 for replacing 1 injector and servicing the other 3.
Toyota wanted £3000 to replace all the injectors and take the engine out whilst doing so.
So result for Feather and null points for the Toyota garage.

{no naming/shaming please}

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