05 2.0 TDCI Flywheel/clutch replaced, now gearbox - rmj

I got bit by DMF failure 2 months ago (failed starter caused by getting clogged up with swarf from disintegrating dual-mass flywheel/clutch); I ran the car on the replacement starter till it started sticking again... and then the clutch went. By which time I had enough money together to order a solid flywheel with Valeo clutch and slave cylinder. My local garage fitted this for me with a full service and when I got it back on Tuesday it drove better than ever before; gone were the loud noises and vibration when idling. The clutch action seemed a lot lighter, but I was told to expect that.

Anyway, by Thursday I noticed that the gears seemed a little harder to select, on one occasion 6th gear wouldn't select at all for a while, then back to normal. Today though I took it to a job 50 miles away and the gears were becoming harder to select at random. On the way home it was becoming so bad that some were impossible to select, so pulling away from lights I might have to use 2nd because I couldn't get it into first.

By the time I got it home gear shifting was impossible and now even with the engine off there is very little of the usual play in neutral. The whole gearstick is stiff, depressing the clutch makes no odds.

I'll have to call the mechanic and the people who supplied the flywheel/clutch in the morning but the suspense is doing me in and I wondered what people's first thoughts were on what could be causing this? It's a 2005 TDCI 130 with 106,000 miles. I've done 350 miles since getting the car back on Tuesday.
05 2.0 TDCI Flywheel/clutch replaced, now gearbox - cheddar
Cant think off hand how the new flywheel could cause this though I would be concerned about fitting a solid flywheel, they didn't go to the expense of a DMF for no reason.

Did they drain the gearbox, if so did they refill it? Have they caused a gearbox oil leak.

05 2.0 TDCI Flywheel/clutch replaced, now gearbox - Peter.N.
Is the clutch disengaging properly? Can you get it into reverse while idling or does it crunch? Can you get it into gear without the engine running? If you can, sounds like the clutch is faulty.

The DMF was fitted for added refinement, but they are a pain, you are better off without it. If it is a hydraulic clutch, the fault probably lies in the hydraulics.
05 2.0 TDCI Flywheel/clutch replaced, now gearbox - P237
Hi there,
What was the final outcome?
Have you subsequently any doubts about fitting a single mass flywheel?
05 2.0 TDCI Flywheel/clutch replaced, now gearbox - Gerrytsc
Hi, what was the answer to your problem as I have dmf problems and I am considering solid flywheel replacement but I am wary and need approvals from solid flywheel convertees
05 2.0 TDCI Flywheel/clutch replaced, now gearbox - bathtub tom
I know there are people who will tell you it's not a good idea, as the DMF is there to reduce vibrations that could otherwise harm the engine/transmission. However:

I was chatting to a Porsche 911 type owner (I'm not familiar with model numbers - all rear engined ones are 911 to me) recently and I didn't know they'd been using DMFs for years. He'd got one of the last air-cooled jobbies (before they introduced liquid cooling). He told me it was fairly standard practise to replace the DMF with the lighter, solid flywheel from another model (I can't remember which). Porsche owners have apparently been doing it for tens of years with no ill effects.

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05 2.0 TDCI Flywheel/clutch replaced, now gearbox - rmj
Sorry, I forgot about this thread. Should have updated ages ago...

The problem was caused by a clamp which holds a hose near the EGR valve falling off and wedging itself in the gear linkage! My mechanic found it in seconds and pulled it out, car has been fine since (apart from a split turbo hose elsewhere), no trouble with the solid flywheel and I've done over 30,000 miles on it. My mechanic rang me a few weeks later wanting to know where I sourced the flywheel kit from (transitpartsireland), since then he's fitted a few more. Hope this helps.