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04 2.0 TDCi turbo vane actuator problem (P132A) - Trink
Hi. I know this post goes on a bit but it seems there are a lot of people with similar problems to me and I?m trying to collate everyone?s knowledge into a workable solution.

Car has done, 109k miles


Driving at 70mph on dual carriageway came to slight hill and applied extra power. Suddenly the power dropped right off and the glow plug warning light started to flash. (lots of people have this problem). After pulling over, upon restarting, the glow plug light goes on when the engine has been idling for 2-3minutes or you take the revs up to 1500-2000rpm. I conservatively drove the remaining 40 odd miles home in limp mode with the glow plug light still flashing.

Garage confirmed I have a P132A fault code. Garage said it?s a problem with the actuator for the turbo and the actuator isn?t available separately and each actuator only works with a specific turbo, so I got a quote for £1275 for a new turbo and fitting. The mechanic said he had another mondeo in for the same turbo fault 2 months ago.

I'm reading alot into the Variable Nozzle Turbines (VNT) or (Variable geometry turbochargers (VGTs) and the electronic actuator and am searching for a solution which doesn't involve £700+ for new turbo.

Links to how VGT?s work?

I have the Haynes manual for the car and it states under the turbo section;

'On models with an electronic vane actuator, the actuator and its bracket can be unbolted and removed from the turbocharger, but Ford state that the actuator must not be separated from it's bracket.'

It seems to me that placing any electronics near to a turbo is not going to end well. I would like to open up the actuator and get the guys from work (electronic engineers) to have a look to see if the electronics are damaged.

Does anyone know why ford state not to remove the actuator from its bracket?

Another cause may be the sticking variable vanes.
There is some related information about sticking vanes posted here - www.fordmondeo.org/forum/showtopic.php?tid/787922/.../

If the actuator arm is disrupted by the sticking vanes, the ECU may flag up a fault in the actuator as a consequence. Any thoughts would be welcome?

There are a few other forum threads on this matter if it helps?

other links

Any comments are greatly appreciated...


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04 2.0 TDCi turbo vane actuator problem (P132A) - jeremy99
With the exception of the warning light the sysmptoms you describe are consistent with a fault I had following the 25,000 mile service on my 54 2.0 TDCi. This turned out to be that the turbo vane actuator vacumm pipe had been left disconnected.

Hence before going down the electonic testing route I would look at the vacumm and mechanical aspects of the actuator.

A precise definition of P132A would be useful to you. Low resistence, high resistence, open circuit, value out of range........... In the end such a code should tell you a bit more about a specific electrical fault condition.
04 2.0 TDCi turbo vane actuator problem (P132A) - Collos25
These actuators are electrical and have no vacuum connection and it is indeed the actuator that starts to cease up they changed around 2005 on the mondeo and from 2004 on the Jaguar x type.The reason for the change was the electronic version has a much better response you can split the older vacuum type but not the later electronic model how I would be pleased to be proved wrong.

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