00 2.0 Front subframe bushes - jeremy99
Do the rear bushes on the front subframe wear?

My lower arms were replaced around 3 years ago but I have a small kick through the steering when pulling away rapidly. Car is 8 years old with 80,000 recorded miles

I cannot find play with a large screwdriver but this seems to me to be the only place where movement could occur.

Does anyone have experience of these bushes wearing in this way.
00 2.0 Front subframe bushes - Waino
A few years back, my old Mk2 Mondy felt as though it were following 'tramlines'. My local indie couldn't find any significant play in the joints but said that some slight, indetectable wear could be the only thing - and changed the bushes.

After that, it was fine.
00 2.0 Front subframe bushes - jeremy99
Thank you.

I do have the tram lining feel as well. In 2000 I had an earllier Mk2 as a company car and I do not remember any tram lining being apparent.

I changed the dampers a few months back and could not find anything wrong with the rest of the uprights so I think everything points to these bushes.
00 2.0 Front subframe bushes - jeremy99
I replaced these bushes at the weekend, not too difficult just removing the dished washer from the top of the old bush took some brute force.

It would seem to have been 80% of the problem. Most movement eliminated, less clutch judder when pulling away. Still not perfect but a lot better.

Just in case anyne is wondering I did align the sub frame with the special pins
00 2.0 Front subframe bushes - Javalin
Thats interesting - i have the pulling-off judder with my Golf and handling problems. Will have to change the bushes and see if thats it.

Out of interest I believe these can go hard with age as well as wear - either causing problems.