97 2.0 petrol, lack of power, - johno933
Hi, Looking for sum Info.....

My 97 Pug 406, seems to be lacking power when driving.

Example: on motorway in 5th gear revs not developing over 3.5 thousand, and extremely slow acceleration.

Does anyone have any ideas of the probable cause, have been told it could be a blocked dump valve or possibly the Turbo is knackered. Apart from the power loss there are no other symptoms. ie fault codes or warning lights.

Any help would be greatly appreciated .....And hopefully a cheap fix.


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97 2.0 petrol, lack of power, - jeffhoofe
have you checked the vacume pipe to the turbo for leaks. even a small pin hole will stop turbo runing at full power
97 2.0 petrol, lack of power, - johno933
There does not seem to be any leaks in any of the piping. was told the engine could be electronically restricted via the ecu (as the car is ex Fleet) is there any truth in this and if so haw do i reset the ECU to remove the restriction?