2006 1.6 Tow bar electrics????? - piston power
Fitting a tow bar to my 56 reg astra hatchback.

The tow bar is a simple enough job to fit very similar to my 2000 astra, but the electrics are a bit different.

There is a panel in the boot on the n/s/ when opened there is a small fuse box and plugs with one empty space, is this for the tow bar wiring?

Or do i just fit like solder the wires in, id rather not use scotch locks.

The tow bar is second hand the wiring as been cut off so no plug if needed?.

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2006 1.6 Tow bar electrics????? - Dynamic Dave
Your car has a canbus network. Be very care what you connect to what. If you use the correct wiring kit, then the relevant electrics will havet o be enabled by a tech2 code reader.

There are some posts over on www.astraownersclub.com that explain about the towbar wiring.


A search will prob bring up some more.
2006 1.6 Tow bar electrics????? - piston power
Thanks dd

Phoned vx they will order the loom at a staggering £70.50 + vat cash up front.

Gonna try lucas see if the just sell the plug and spade connectors etc.

So just to clarify anybody, taking a feed from the individual lights straight to the tow bar socket will not work? (like we used to)

2006 1.6 Tow bar electrics????? - Number_Cruncher
>>will not work?

Certainly not. The damage you'll cause will make £70.50 seem like a bargain.

2006 1.6 Tow bar electrics????? - jc2
Try "TOWSURE";they've got a website and can tell you what you need to suit a particular car.
2006 1.6 Tow bar electrics????? - piston power
Thanks jc2 just been reading the web site and is a bit cheaper than the vx part so will go with that don't fancy setting the car on fire just yet!!
2006 1.6 Tow bar electrics????? - eastenddoy
do as d d and n c said buy the socket from vx as you will be paying pos alot more.
you can blow the cam bus up!
2006 1.6 Tow bar electrics????? - John S
I recently fited a Witter tow bar to my 2007 Astra using a kit from here:
Yes, the 'plug-in' loom was a bit pricey (yes about £70), but it's easy and works beautifully. The towbar was a quality item which undercut Vx prices.


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2006 1.6 Tow bar electrics????? - piston power
Just an update.

I got the electrics kit from tow sure for £75.00 and took it to local indie for a service and ask them to turn the feed to the fuse box on.

But they could not do it with there equipment so it went to vx at £47.00 im assured all is well!

Fitting the towbar was easy enough, i removed the rear exhaust silencer so i could drill through the holes in to the boot area and removed the side panels in the boot to get at the holes etc.

It requires a 23mm drill bit for the large collars that sit in the body of the car, inside the boot area and has 2x large plates to secure it with.

All in all it took 3hrs tops didn't rush just planned it out easy enough and fitted by myself, that was to the sports hatch, i expect the 5dr hatch to be the same etc..
2006 1.6 Tow bar electrics????? - John S
Well, that's odd. As far as I'm aware all you do is connect the towbar electrics plug and fit a 20 amp fuse in the correct slot (the fuse came with my electrics kit) and everything works. Well it did on mine! Doesn't need Tech 2 at the dealer unless you want the rear fog disabled when a trailer with a rear fog light is connected. So I don't have a clue about what 'turning the feed to the fuse box on' at £47 is all about. That comprised putting in a fuse on my Astra!

2006 1.6 Tow bar electrics????? - piston power
When i fitted the harness and the plug in module i also fitted the fuse & tested it the only feed i got was on the side lights and nothing else.

Since it as been to vx tested it after and it seems ok, maybe yours were activated before?
2006 1.6 Tow bar electrics????? - John S
I bought the car new, and never mentioned tow bars, so it is just how it came out of the factory. As you got sidelights I wonder if there was just a conection problem on the other circuits.

2006 1.6 Tow bar electrics????? - piston power
Checked it several times waggled the plug and wires nothing but side lights?

Mine is the 56 plate but yours been newer they maybe switched on, anybody know?

Checked the indicators and the test lamp flashed 3 times but thats it? maybe will work when i plug in the light board. ( when i get it)


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