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06 2.2 remote Tyre pressure sensor - Saltrampen
My mate is having problems with the remote tyre pressure warnings on the dash.
The dash info panel has always warned of slightly low pressure on the Front O/S tyre since he had the car. - but now seems worse.
News Tyres were put on last week and now gave warning of puncture on Front O/S tyre (1.6 bar inidcated pressure).
Checked pressure with 2 gauges as 2.0 bar, pumped up to 2.2 bar.
Other tyre at 2.1 Bar.
Warning in car stopped saying puncture but still warns of low pressure - 1.8 bar (after 10 minutes driving on a dry day).
After 2 days tyre looks fine - no pressure loss, but still warning.
It is a common problem for these sensors not to work?
Is there actually a sensor in the wheel or is it done by some clever device on diveshaft or hub? Is it an easy job to change whatever it is that detects the pressure?
thanks in advance

06 2.2 remote Tyre pressure sensor - DP
These things are (and I quote) "a living nightmare" according to our Renault dealer. Our Scenic has had the system disabled by a previous owner, so I've never had to live with it, but they tell me most play up at some point.

It might be worth finding out what a dealer will charge to disable it. It involves a software upload, but beyond that I don't know the details.

A completely pointless "gadget" that's more trouble than it's worth. Not just in Renaults either. You can't even swap wheels around with this system fitted, as the transmitter units in the valves have to stay in their correct location.

06 2.2 remote Tyre pressure sensor - Collos25
Each wheel has a sensor dedicated to that wheel they cannot be moved around without reprogramming the ecu.They operate via radio signal to two receivers one front and one rear a replacement valve/transmitter is I believe in the region of £80.If you programme them out the display shows 4 wheels missing on the display, Renault dealers are instructed not to do it,but when I out four winter tyres on standard steel rims on mine all I got was as I have said was the the display showing the four wheels missing something I could live with.Also if you do decide to replace it they are colour coded.

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06 2.2 remote Tyre pressure sensor - drnick
We've had a Laguna 2 Sport Tourer for the last 10 years and I reckon the tyre pressure sensors valve probably saved our lives, or at least serious injury, on at least two occasions. Both times they warned of a slight drop in tyre pressure that the local tyre fitters couldn't see the cause of but which turned out to be nails almost invisibly embedded in the sidewalks. The way both of these were positioned, they could have resulted in blow outs at high speed, with potentially devastating consequences. We've never had any problems with them when changing tyres but even if we had, I'd happily put up with the inconvenience for the added safety.
06 2.2 remote Tyre pressure sensor - TeeCee

I see.

Just out of interest, exactly how many catastrophic high-speed blowouts did you have before getting a car with tyre pressure sensors, if you've narrowly avoided <i>two</i> since?

That will be because a small nail in a tyre will not do this as the belting would need to be fatally compromised for that to happen, which requires considerably more damage than a nail can produce.

Of course, if you hadn't had TPS, you'd have checked the pressures and spotted the pressure drop yourself. Actually, given how astonishingly unreliable TPS systems seem to be, I wouldn't be ditching the manual checks......

06 2.2 remote Tyre pressure sensor - Simon
I have to say that I have found the Laguna ones to be more trouble than they are worth. An unnessary gadget made with the usual French reliability...
06 2.2 remote Tyre pressure sensor - Collos25

I would not just blame the French they are all tempremental no matter what car they ae fitted too.

06 2.2 remote Tyre pressure sensor - Fernando P

I find the Laguna sensors to be very useful and effective and have had no bother with them. But they need to be changed ~the 10 year mark as the round flat battery built in to each one is expected to deteriorate then. New replacements were to be found on E-B last time I looked. But they need to be "logged" on the vehicle's computer by the Renault Service Centre (unfortunately). It is the same price to do this for one or more at the same time btw.

06 2.2 remote Tyre pressure sensor - gordonbennet

Rental companies had Laguna 2's on their fleets soon as released, invariably off the road for one reason or another and TPS was as often as anything, at the time these were always returned by 10k miles or 6 months max, they sometimes struggled to make the 10k due to off road time.

Just something else of dubious worth to go wrong.

06 2.2 remote Tyre pressure sensor - drnick
OK. I was going by what the tyre fitters said (perhaps ill advised) but I disagree with you about manual checking. I'd never have checked the tyre pressures manually. Probably would have ended up with a flat or driven on soft tyres for a good while before noticing (less safe and less economical). The sensors have been great as far as I'm concerned. They've let us know when there was a problem or simply when air was needed due to a drop in temperature. I bought the car in 2002, had multiple tyre changes, and have never had a problem with them. More automation please - along with auto wipers, auto lights, parking sensors. Makes life easier and safer. A good thing.
06 2.2 remote Tyre pressure sensor - Collos25

From 2002 without a problem ,never check the pressures manually .Your having a laugh.

06 2.2 remote Tyre pressure sensor - dadbif
Anybody who does not regularly check their tyre pressures is an idiot!
06 2.2 remote Tyre pressure sensor - madf

Lots of idiots around.

06 2.2 remote Tyre pressure sensor - TeeCee

It's the Law of Unintended Consequences at work.

Manufacturer invents TPS. Safety nazis go "Oh, that's a good idea, let's make 'em mandatory.".

Desired effect: Fewer accidents due to failed tyres.

Actual effect: Great Unwashed go "Duh! Dere iz no need for mes to check tyrez, yes?" and stop inspecting their tyres altogether. Result: More accidents due to tyre failure.

Not checking pressures regularly means not checking condition and tread depth come free as a side effect.


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