02 2.0 ESP/ ASR not working ABS Fault - M14ESK
Can anyone please help I'm really fed up. I recently changed my beloved Zafira GSI for a 2002 Peugeot 307 D Turbo for economy, however within 2 days of owning it I had a problem saying unblock diesel filter, i contacted the dealer took the car back and he arranged for it to go back to peugeot who said it was something to do with FAP but sorted it all out.

This morning 3 weeks on i was driving to work when it beeps again and tells me ESP/ASR not working and then ABS fault. It doesn't seem to affect driving but the 2 lights and messages remain on when you restart the car.

Can anyone please please help I'm proper fed up!!!

02 2.0 ESP/ ASR not working ABS Fault - Screwloose

Ah; the joys of old French cars....

The only way to know what's amiss with your ABS/ESP/ASR [all the same module] is to get the ABS codes read.

What exactly did they do to the FAP? Just a re-generation? If it's done anything over 50K; then insist on a new FAP and a complete Eolys system service [with new additve ECU and FAP pressure sensor] while it's at their cost - that can be anything up to a grand to sort.

Does your use regularly include long, fast, runs? Did they inform you of the presence of a FAP - and the driving/usage limitations that brings - prior to sale?
02 2.0 ESP/ ASR not working ABS Fault - Delhibelly
Hi,I have the same ABS/ESP/ASR fault...did you get your fixed...and what was the cause? thanks

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02 2.0 ESP/ ASR not working ABS Fault - jenrich
Hello all.

Me too, except with mine, (53 plate 307SW 2.0 HDi 110), the fault always clears on stopping and re-starting the engine. The problem started about a month ago and recently happens more frequently.

Could it be an intermittent wheel sensor? If so would any stored fault codes reveal which one?

Many thanks,

02 2.0 ESP/ ASR not working ABS Fault - Screwloose

Yes; a code-read is about the only way to go - just too many components in a late ABS to do it the hard way.
02 2.0 ESP/ ASR not working ABS Fault - & moans - Bugbear
Welcome to the club. I have a 55 plate 2.0 petrol 307cc and since purchasing (feb 07) it has been back to dealer(s) many times for warranty work. Two really really niggling faults:
ABS/ESP warning lights - yes...they DO keep coming on. Took it to dealer "T" who diagnosed it as a loose battery terminal. Simple fix and hey presto... it returned 4 weeks later.
Dealer "T" had it back and diagnosed mumbo jumbo on it. It returned a few days later.
Dealer "B" had a terrific answer. HE charged me 50 quid for labour as Warranty by Peugeot doesn't cover labour costs. Fair enough, here's the 50...what was the cause? Answer? I don't know. When you switch off the ignition, the diagnostic memory disappears! So has it been fixed? Well, it doesn't come on now...and we took it for a test drive. Yes, okay, but it's an intermittent fault. Have you fixed it?
So why have you charged me 50 quid to tell me what I already know, vis a vis the ABS ESP fault is intermittent and can be "cured" by switching off the ignition?
Because we don't get paid labour charges by Peugeot when we do warranty work...
This is gripping.
If it happens again, give us a call.
£50 lighter, I drove towards home. 8 miles later, the warning lights came on BingBong ABS/ESP.....
I turned around, drove back 8 miles to Dealer B and parked car beneath the roller shutter door (to block everyone and prevent them from closing...leaving the engine running so as NOT to lose memory I dragged "B" to car outside.
Fix it please, I've already paid 50 quid for the privilege.
Apart from breaking a cover on the dashboard (don't ask) whilst trying to connect his laptop... he diagnosed the fault to a faulty brake sensor, replaced it four days later and (touch wood) the problem has disappeared (since May).
SO.. be persistent. It could be the sensor by your brake pedal too.

The second annoying warranty claim?
Windows that "bounce".
Touch the door handle to open door and the window drops 10-12mm to clear the seals.
Close the door and the window returns to its rest - fully closed.
Drive the car and... the window(s) open&close, open&close, open&close. I stopped counting at 20 just a few days ago. The offside door glass bounced up and down over 20 times during a four mile journey!
I've had enough. The car is booked in for more warranty work on 18/11/08.
Or it would have been...
On Monday (10/11/08) I drove through a stretch of water-sodden country lane (about 20-30 feet long) Don't know the depth - perhaps 4 inches or so? Who knows? It was dark and no street lights.
Exiting the water, I took foot off throttle and applied brakes gently.
Engine stalled.
Never restarted.
Got a tow home and next day, arranged for tow to Dealer "T".
Phone call next day left me in shock. The air intake of my 307cc, positioned as it is, close to the road at the lower section of the radiator grille... well, let's just say, it sucks water better than a dyson and kills engines. Anyone got a spare £5000 for a new engine?


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