"Watchman" speed cameras - BJM38
Does anyone know the legal status of the "Watchman" speed camera?

I work in the Tameside area to the east of Manchester which is utterly infested with these things. They're painted all different colours, often green if they're among trees, carefully placed to be hard to see, and don't have the yellow panels on the back to make them obvious.

I've often wondered if they're not useable because in the past I've seen mobile speed cameras set up alongside the Watchmans (men?). But lately, there's been a flurry of activity with lots of yellow-coated bods working on them.

I'm not a speed demon by any means and I watch my speed all the time - but I do a lot of back-and-forth driving and only a moment's loss of concentration means 3 points!

"Watchman" speed cameras - rtj70
Speed cameras do not need to be yellow. They do when a safety camera partnership can keep money from fines. So this means in Tameside they are happy to catch speeders and fund the cameras and the fine goes to central government.

Watchman cameras though are still on trial and waiting type approval so maybe you're okay for now. They work like Gatso's using radar. Anyone with more knowledge comment?

Watchman also have a second ANPR camera so approval probably imminent and bad for anyone breaking the law.

They also calculate your speed well before the camera so you can slow down and still be done!
"Watchman" speed cameras - Bromptonaut
Google came up with this www.speedcamerasuk.com/watchman.htm Have not looked up any other hits or checked the date of this info.

If, as suggested they're still on trial, then the mobile alongside would make sense.
"Watchman" speed cameras - rtj70
They also (it seems) check speed as you approach. So slow down and you're still had if over the limit as you approach it. Unlike a Gatso which has radar checking speed as you pass.

I'd seen these near Tameside and assumed they would be live. But they also always come with a speed warning sign too. I think I triggered one once on the Ashton to Mossley road thinking the road was a 40mph. I slowed and the camera did not flash but got the warning. That was 9 months ago.
"Watchman" speed cameras - BJM38
I don't know if it's because I'm watching the fluffy-diced things more closely or what, but they seem to have a small red light which flashes as a car goes by now. Wouldn't swear that they did that before - certainly haven't ever seen the photo-type flash from these cameras.

Your previous comment about awaiting type approval rings true, I think. The recent activity suggests that's either imminent or here already.
"Watchman" speed cameras - BJM38
Hmmm, interesting reading that one.

I don't like this business of judge and jury on the basis of the radar measurement alone - at least with Gatso you get 2 photos that *prove* you were doing the claimed speed.

I know the whole speed thing's been done to death, but just where does it all end?
"Watchman" speed cameras - martint123
Looking at the web site mentioned, I see a contradiction.

Some say they work out your speed well before you get there - whereas it is said they are rear facing, so take a picture after you have passed..... Thus speed check and photo are some time and distance apart. I would have thought a problem with evidence there,
"Watchman" speed cameras - rtj70
They are not approved yet...


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