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1.9 non-turbo XUD engine reliability. - telecaster
Has anyone any experience with the Citroen 1.9 (non turbo) diesel engine.....Xdu I think it's called.

Are they capable of big mileages with regular maintenance also any reliability issues?

Ta in advance.

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citroen XDU engine reliability. - Jamesh266
If you mean the XUD, then yes, I've had two.(now corrected in the OP)

My company ran a 1989 Citroen C15D van - it had the cylinder head rebuilt at around 250,000 miles, then the engine gave out in 2003 at around 350,000.

Whilst going through a bit of a financial crisis I bought a Citroen BX 1.9 with over 400k on it and a blown head gasket. I just kept topping the water up every week and had 6 months out of it with no extra expenditure. I scrapped it when the tax ran out.

I know a lot of Peugeots and Citroens of the XUD era were liable to destroy their heater matrices if the wrong coolant was used or if the coolant wasn't changed frequently enough, or if it wasn't bled properly. You can bypass the heater matrix to keep the car running, but you might need to wear a coat while driving it in the winter.

I think the XUD was a simple, well thought out design, with not too much to go wrong. In my opinion, the only major expenses are likely to be cooling system issues or cambelt failure, both of which can be avoided by correctly following the servicing schedule.

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citroen XDU engine reliability. - 1066
ive had several cars with that engine and wish it was still used today. economical and reliable and capable of massive miles.
i think they were 75hp which is enopugh for a lightwiegt like the 405 i used to have. great car with climate control and i had it for 7 yrs and 200k miles and never a fault ever
citroen XDU engine reliability. - jase1
Yes, it was a very solid engine, and gave Peugeot its reputation for longevity.

Sadly, the designs it has come up with since (along with their associated electrics) are nowhere near as good.
citroen XDU engine reliability. - Bromptonaut
Lovely motor- wish they still fitted it in the Berlingo!!

Regular maintenance, particularly oil, cambelt and coolant changes, an absolute must but with that caveat the XUD will go on for ever. Lot of stories about CHG issues but these seem much more prevalent in turbos. As above some applications, including the ZX had heater matrix problems but suspect the petrols suffered likewise.

In 1993 we bought a 40k miler 91/H BX 19TGD. Ran it to 2005 by which time it was over 150k. Only engine issues were glowplugs and corrosion/perishing in fixed/flexible fuel lines. Scrapped it due need for new steering rack, worn joints in rear suspension and incipient corrosion - wouldn't be in the least surprised if the engine is still going strong in another vehicle.

Also ran the 1.7 version in a 205. Unfortunately that had been neglected by a previous owner and suffered from oil in combustion area problems (ie excessive blue smoke) when warm. But it never let me down.

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citroen XDU engine reliability. - DP
I was talking to a friend last night who bought a 200,000 mile Xantia 1.9TD for £300 a couple of years ago to get him out of trouble for a few months. He ended up keeping it two years, where it took him all over the country for work. He added 60,000 miles to the total and not a thing went wrong with the engine. Still running sweetly when it went to the scrapper (with suspension / electronics issues and a slightly too long MOT fail list to be worth the trouble)

We had a 1997 306 D Turbo which also ran beautifully with over 100k on it. A very smooth engine even by modern standards, and very gutsy when on boost. Probably the first four cylinder diesel car that was even remotely fun to drive. My brother-in-law's sister is still running a 1995 306 XTdT which he bought for her about seven years ago. Now well over 200k and still flies. I nearly bought that car two years ago when I needed a stopgap motor and she was going to sell it, but wisely she decided against it.

There was an issue with some of the 97-98 built turbo engines snapping conrods, but otherwise they have a deserved reputation for being bulletproof.
citroen XDU engine reliability. - astrabob
I ran two Peugeot 405 diesels with the XUD engine. As it happens, I got rid of both of them at around 220,000 miles. The first because the car (but not the engine) had become unreliable, the second because someone drove into the back of it and it didn't have a boot left. (My back has only recently recovered!).

Both needed work on the injection pump at around 200,000 miles, because of slight fuel leaks around the accelerator spindle. (Quite cheap to get repaired). Both also had head gasket failure at about the same time. I did the head gasket on the second one myself, and was amazed at how good the condition of the engine was. The honing marks on the cylinder bores looked like new.

All I ever did was change the oil and oil filter every 6000 miles (very easy job), and the right spec oil is not expensive. Other filters were every 24,000 miles (if I remember correctly), and cambelt every 72,000 miles. Access for cambelt change not great.

Very highly recommended engine. Shame they can't make them now - but thats emissions regulations for you.
citroen XDU engine reliability. - martin r
i have had zx diesels with turbos and non turbo. my l reg td is on 265000 miles at mo and has been the most reliable motor ive ever had. oil changes every 5000 and coolant changes every time i feel like it!!! my non turbo zx diesel was still running strong on 180000 when some black ice decided to ditch me at 30 mph!!!! R.I.P.
citroen XDU engine reliability. - boggles
Some very high milers in these posts, makes my 135,000 look quite small!
I had a ZX Avantage estate, as a temporary "keep me mobile" car, and ended up keeping it for 5 years. Oil changes every 6000 using Millers XFE 10w-40 kept it clean and reliable.
The XUD9 was a good engine, not too quick off the mark, but very reliable, the cooling system mentioned by one or two was easily bled if you used a old plastic bottle. This had to have it's bottom cut off, then screw into the filler. Fill it with coolant to raise the header level higher than the heater and bleed with the various taps fitted.
The engine is still used at engine test labs for nozzle blocking tests, developing fuel additives etc. Spares are readily available, not that you need much apart from filters really.
Although a lot of the cars have expired, many engines continue as diesel conversions in things like Vitara's.
citroen XDU engine reliability. - oldnotbold
You'd be hard-pushed to find a better engine for an everyday car, in my opinion. I'm on my third 405TD and it makes them a very good car to drive/own, for what they are and the cost to buy.
citroen XDU engine reliability. - Altea Ego
Yes I had an XUD in a 405, my first diesel. I think its safe to say the XUD broke the diesel market open in the uk for passenger cars.

citroen XDU engine reliability. - Andrew-T
The cooling system mentioned by one or two was easily bled ...

The PSA 1.6 diesel fitted to the 207 claims not to need coolant changes. When I queried whether this was advisable, I was told that if coolant was changed, only the pre-mixed Peugeot coolant would do (clearly to sell expensive stuff) but that uses deionised water. To me that seems a plausible explanation, and presumably one could mix one's own. I don't know how long it would stay deionised in a tired old XUD where corrosion is well under way - any suggestions?
citroen XDU engine reliability. - boggles
I know that PSA garages used to sell pre-mixed coolant, maybe they still do?
What I used was PSA recommended Procor 3000, which was neat and mix it 50/50 with DI water. It doesn't add much to the cost to use DI water, and keep internal corrosion at bay as long as possible. Some antifreeze loses it's anti corrosion properties after 2 years, some after 5 years. Unless you have a car from brand new, and know for sure what is in there, I would play safe and get the coolant changed, whatever the dealers say.
citroen XDU engine reliability. - Rats
Excellent engines.......I remember a Pug 305 we had on the taxis years back, most of the body was original but it was on it's second engine, the first having done 500,000 + miles and the second was close to 600,000. I'm pretty sure the various drivers didn't treat it that well either.
citroen XDU engine reliability. - Dave_TD
Agree with all the above posters, I bought a 5-year old 405TD estate showing 350,490 miles (still got a photo of the odo somewhere) and ran it as a second car for a year before px'ing it. Seen several cabbed 405s with mileages north of 300k, whereas Xantias seemed to be let down (pun intended) by their suspension at around 200k, long before the engine was finished.

I knew a guy with a XUD-engined 205 who worked in motorway maintenance - his H reg car had an orange beacon on the roof, chevrons on the bootlid and 520,000 miles on the clock. They used it as a "runner" between sites and offices, sometimes doing 400 miles a night!

So yes, I think the conclusion here is that the XUD engine is reliable.

Dave TD
citroen XDU engine reliability. - oldnotbold
Worth noting that the OP is asking about the NA XUD, not the XUD TD that most of us have used. The non-turbo version is far less willing, less torquey and not much more economical, and really no fun to drive, as you need to change gear a great deal due to the very narrow power band.

See if you can find a TD to try out, and you'll see what I mean.
citroen XDU engine reliability. - boxsterboy
I had the non-turbo XUD in a couple of ZXs. No problems at all.
1.9 non-turbo XUD engine reliability. - brunle motors

hi i have a citroen c15d 98 use it daily it has just about to show 500,000 miles it has the xud eng run great and returns 55mpg the xud motor is the best eng to come form pas ,bring it back please :)

1.9 non-turbo XUD engine reliability. - unthrottled

No chance! The high compression ratio sends the NOx levels sky high, it won't make a comeback i'm afraid.

The XUDs were very good in their day, but they wouldn't cut the mustard by today's standards.


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