2002 1.8 faulty alarm - mikeymike
My alarm keeps going off after leaving the car for about half an hour. I have read that it could be the power sounder battery or the main car battery. Do you think this is likely and what is the best way of finding the fault before visiting Mr Vauxhall

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52 1.8 faulty alarm - SpamCan61 {P}
The power sounder generally beeps when setting the alarm if the batteries are on the way out, rather than randomly.

First step is to disable the internal sensors when setting the alarm, see if that makes any difference. From memory you have to press the front map reading light simultaneously then set the alarm with 10 seconds, or something light that; the procedure is in the manual somewhere.
52 1.8 faulty alarm - Dynamic Dave
According to quite a few posts over on VxOn a failing power sounder can cause random alarm patterns.
52 1.8 faulty alarm - mikeymike
I can't see anything in the book about disabling the sensors. It went off 4 times yesterday but was ok overnight and has gone off once today. Checked the battery voltage at 13v and 14v with the engine running. I read somewhere that a faulty main battery may be the cause.
cheers Mike
52 1.8 faulty alarm - mikeymike
Ok, tried disabling the sensors as suggested still the same. VX want £54 to plug it in for the fault codes. I've been advised to fit a new power sounder myself at about £50 but I also read somewhere the batteries could be changed for £12. Does anyone know how to do this ? I understand the sounder will go off when I disconnect it. I'm locking the car by leaning in the rear door and pressing down the button which doesn't set the alarm.

thanks, Mike
52 1.8 Alarm fault - update - mikeymike
I paid my £35 for a diagnostic check where we cleared all the faults codes. I removed the power sounder (leaving wires attached) and found it covered in wet leaves and mud. Cleaned it up and had no problems for a week then it went off again in the night. Back yesterday for the diag. test which showed no fault codes.

Does this still seem like the power sounder at fault? not heard it bleeping to signal the battery is getting low either.

Also the ABS and traction warning light has showed no fault code when tested yesterday.

Any advice would be appreciated.

cheers, Mike
52 1.8 Alarm fault - update - Dynamic Dave
I also read somewhere the batteries could be changed for £12. Does anyone know how to do this ?

The batteries "used" to be available from www.cellpacksolutions.com, but I hear they're now as rare as rocking horse poo to source.

If you goto www.astraownersclub.com/vb/showthread.php?t=96753 then scroll down to "'How To'..... Replace the Power Sounder" (I know it's for an Astra, but the principle is the same) this tells you how to either change the power sounder or replace the batteries.
I understand the sounder will go off when I disconnect it.

If you leave the ignition switched on at the time, then the alarm sees this as an authorised tamper and it shouldn't got off. Likewise if you change it, unless you have the ignition switched on, you will have to pay to have the power sounder married up to the car. By leaving the ignition switched on the car self marries itself to the powersounder.
I removed the power sounder (leaving wires attached) and found it covered in wet leaves and mud.

Disconnect at multisocket and try spraying contacts with switch cleaner. (see note above about leaving ignition on)
Also the ABS and traction warning light has showed no fault code when tested yesterday.

Was the light still on, or has it been off for a while? If the latter, then after so many clean start ups (ie, no faults preent) the fault codes get deleted from the ecu memory..

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52 1.8 Alarm fault - update - mikeymike
Thanks Dave, once I'm convinced the sounder is at fault I'll open it up and look at the batteries and replace or buy a new unit. I've read the threads about how to change them etc. But I guess it could be any other component of the system causing the fault.

Thanks for the confirmation about leaving the ignition on - thats what I thought I would have to do. If the batteries were failing I'd expect it to go off all the time not with a week in between. I'll take it off again remove the 4 wire plug and spray the connections.

The ABS light now only comes on every few days at start up and once I kill the ignition it goes off again. Not to worried about that now unless i have to replave the hub with the sensor.

cheers, Mike
52 1.8 Alarm fault - update - We have our problems :)
Hi, I have a 2003 Zafira with a faulty alarm. One night it kept going of every twenty minuets. The strange thing was the lights did not flash and it would not switch off even when I started the car or drove it away it seemed to stop on its own. After getting up three times in the night by the sound of my car alarm and each time trying everything I could think of to stop the noise as I have two babies ether side of of my house I finally had to leave he car unlocked.
This stopped the alarm for the rest of the night. I took it to my local garage the next morning who had it all day and said they could find nothing wrong and it had been fine all day. I then took it home and sure enough after about an hour on my drive off went the alarm. In total frustration I searched the Internet to fine a solution where I came across this site. I followed the instructions to remove the sounder from the off side wheel. The car has not made a noise since (24hrs later). I'm not sure I want to buy another one as silence is golden :) I think my neighbours would agree. Thanks to all the great advice it's been a life saver.
2002 1.8 faulty alarm - mikeymike
Thought I'd update you on my alarm problem.

Removed the power sounder (torx 20 needed) from under the drivers wheel arch. This can be done without removing the wheel but the first time I found it easier with the wheel off. Push out the centre plastic plugs and retrieve tham later. Bend back the plastic shield.
I found the unit covered with leaves and crap. Could barely find it in the mess.

Took it apart (stanley knife round edge)There are 2 batteries. They are 3.6v and one had dropped to 2.2v so that was the problem. Ordered them from Cell pack Solutions 0191 427 4577 type 3/V150H/4P. £5.95 each £14.97 total.

The new ones had different pitch between contacts so I bent one tab and just soldered one from positive and one from negative to the PCB.
Secured them with hot melt to stop them rattling off and sealed the unit back up with poly
sulphide coating.
refitted unit and 2 weeks have gone by with no false alarms.
This really is a straightforward job and saves 120 quid going to Mr Vauxhall.

2002 1.8 faulty alarm - SpamCan61 {P}
Thanks for the update Mike, I do like a happy ending :-)
2002 1.8 faulty alarm - angelflowers123
we have the same problem wioth alarm sounding intermittant . seems just when sun shines park in shade or cool day not goes off . had it at vaux 3times on diagnos they have no clue what happening no codes ,what is the reason for this and how do you stop it . read your articles im not mechanic so no idea but need some clues to get sorted as vaux aint wana know as stummped .cheers
2002 1.8 faulty alarm - topbloke
you wont get a code, however if they look at the history of the last ten times that the alarm has gone off should tell them whats at fault, ie you could have a faulty bonnet switch as in it misses the bonnet its not faulty as such (not open cicuit,high resistance etc) but the history will say bonnet switch was opened last 8 times and ultrasound 2 times (air vent open etc) Regards TB

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