99 2.0 HDI engine warning light ,not revving - badgerz
Hi looking for some advice on my Hdi
The car ran fine to the supermarket-we stopped,shopped and went back to the car and it wouldnt start at all ,called the AA man out who plugged in his scanner and it came up with 5 fault codes
He tried the usual hitting the tank with a hammer but that didnt work and he ended up towing it to a local peugeot specialist who looked and said it was just the connections to the camshaft sensor that he cleaned up and also the No1 injector wire aswell and charged me lots of money for doing so. the day after the battery completely died so I fitted a new one.

The car ran for a week then suddenly the engine warning light came on whilst doing about 50mph and I couldnt rev the engine much above 2k but it kept running and I managed to get the car home. I left the car for a few days and when I started it again the light wasnt on and the car ran fine for about 20mins then the same again-wont rev over 2k. Ive had a look for loose/corroded connection but they look ok to me.

any clues?


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99 2.0 HDI engine warning light ,not revving - Screwloose

I'll have to take some liberties with those recorded codes to make them fit the story.

Assuming P3040 is P0340; that is a cam-sensor circuit code and would be the reason that the dealer went that way. The engine will run; but not start without a cam signal.

Forget P0380 [failed glow plug?] and P1404 [failed immersion heater?] you can deal with them at your leisure.

Then come the nasties; [I'm assuming that's] P1112 [diesel high pressure monitoring - pressure lower than the minimum] and P0230 [low pressure pump circuit.]

As it has no means of monitoring either low pressure, or tank-pump current; that P0230 code is an extrapolation by the ECU of sub-requested high-pressure.

You now need to see what code[s] have returned. If you've got the pressure codes back, then an injector leak-off rate test is needed.

99 2.0 HDI engine warning light ,not revving - Sero

Same problem on my C8 2.2 Hdi 2003.

Have you manage to solve the problem with P1112?




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