00 1.2 Constant flat battery problem - JulianHatter
Hi folks - really at my wit's end and would appreciate somebody helping me avoid descending into total insanity... My son has a 2000 1.2 Fiat Punto which I purchased from a relative. Low mileage and no problems until recently.
The battery keeps going flat after just a couple of days lack of use. I have had a new battery fitted and even had a mechanic pal look at it who couldn't find a problem. I read a similar problem on this site which suggested it might be the boot light staying on so I removed the bulb and for a week (driving it every other day or so) all was well so I thought I had solved the problem. However, I have just been out this evening (Tuesday) to start it up after driving it on Sunday morning and the battery is more or less dead again!
The only work carried out on the car since purchase has been a change of stereo - could it be this that is the problem? I have removed the fascia of the stereo unit every time the car is parked up so theoretically there should be no power drainage. My relative never had any battery problems with the car and when it does start, it runs very nicely. I am not at all car-minded so don't worry about patronising me with very basic solutions!
Any help would be very much appreciated!!! Thanks.
00 1.2 Constant flat battery problem - Screwloose

Did the parasitic drain appear shortly after fitting the stereo? If so; it's the first thing that I'd disconnect - remembering that it will have, at least, two feeds.
00 1.2 Constant flat battery problem - Halmer
is there a light in the glove box that could be staying on?
00 1.2 Constant flat battery problem - JulianHatter
Will take the bulb out of the glove box and recharge battery to see what happens...thanks very much for the quick reply!
00 1.2 Constant flat battery problem - JulianHatter
Thanks - will give that a go.
00 1.2 Constant flat battery problem - Simon
Is it a cheap make stereo? If so then combined with what else you have told us this is most likely to be the obvious culprit.
00 1.2 Constant flat battery problem - JulianHatter
Hi - not cheap stereo (approx £100 LG supplied and fitted by Halfords) but I guess it might be the problem - any other suggestions welcome.
00 1.2 Constant flat battery problem - Simon
The easiest thing that you can do is disconnect the permanent power feed to the stereo, then try the car over a period of a few days or a week or so, and see if the problem has gone. This may be as simple as just pulling the radio fuse out of the cars fuse box - just ensure that it doesn't operate on anything else such as your horn etc. If it solves the problem then get straight back to Halfords with it.
00 1.2 Constant flat battery problem - Collos25
You need to measure the discharge current when everything is switched of it would take about 3 weeks to for a modern car radio to discharge a battery if it were left on.
00 1.2 Constant flat battery problem - drivewell
CPC/ Farnell sell an automotive current tester, which is slotted into a fuse box in place of a blade fuse (they sell one for the original size of blade fuse, and also the newer mini-blades.

You could use it in every fuse position, allowing you to narrow down the source of the current drain?


(think this one is £5.43 + carriage)
00 1.2 Constant flat battery problem - jc2
Diode gone in alternator???
00 1.2 Constant flat battery problem - 659FBE
There is no substitute for current drain measurement and logical deduction from measurements taken.

If a live side diode in the alternator has failed short circuit, apart from charge indicator light malfunction there is a very easy test you can make. When the car is absolutely stone cold, first thing in the morning, put your hand on the alternator. If a live side diode has failed, the alternator will be warmer than the engine block.


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00 1.2 Constant flat battery problem - Peter D
Last one I fixed was drawing just under 800ma. Disconnected alternator 15 ma ( alarm and clock) New doide pack sorted. The radio has to be suspect here due to the timing. Halfords will disconnect it for you fee of charge. Regards Peter
00 1.2 Constant flat battery problem - Peter D
Sorry point here was that alternator light did not indicate a fault. As the diode pack was not shorted but went low resistance when passive. Regards Peter
00 1.2 Constant flat battery problem - focusman
seems to be a normal problem on the punto when replacing the factory fit unit, something to do with the wiring plugs on the rear of the unit and having a constant live feed, have a look on the www.fiatforum.com, section there on i.c.e. quite a few to do with wiring up replacement units, talks about wiring live from cig lighter or ignition switch.
hope this helps
00 1.2 Constant flat battery problem - zunkus
I am also having the same problem with my wife's 2000 Punto 8V 1.2
I've replaced the battery twice. Checked the battery leakage to be 44mA when in the garage.
We used to leave the car unused for quite a long period due to finding the Fiesta more convenient leaving it outside the house. Now that I've sold the Fiesta and watching this thread I'm having doubts about the dead battery being due to long periods of non usage (sometimes for a month or two). I also installed a PIONEER stereo into the Punto which may be draining the current. First thing I'll do is remove the stereo power connections to see how much the load reduces. Then if that fails I'll disconnect the alternator feed. Maybe the diode has gone? How much is a normal current drain for a 1.2 Mk2 Punto? I'm guessing that there may be some electronics such as clock draining up a bit of juice.
00 1.2 Constant flat battery problem - nel
hi, having read your problem with your sons car, i was wondering if you could inform me of the outcome. The reason i ask is i have the same car, same age, same engine size and seem to be having the exact same problem!

Did you problem get solved if so how?

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you

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