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Paint chip problems ? - BobL
Went to view an Audi A3 Apr 05 plate with 40k on the clock. Private seller. Probably overpriced but Very nice condition and mileage appeared genuine according to receipts, stamps, interior condition. Bodywork was excellent apart from the bonnett and front bumper/valence which had a hundred or so chips, really let the car down. Colour was a metallic blue, (not light blue or dark blue). Is this a common problem for the Audi A3 paintwork for a car of this vintage or is it more of a problem with this particular colour? I cannot recall any other A3`s having so many paint chips.

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Audi A3 Paint Chips - daveyjp
On my second and both have stood up very well. First one had a couple of chips on the bonnet which were sorted by valeter and current also has a couple which won't take much sorting once it's time to sell. Both from stones thrown up by passing wagons.

I certainly don't have hundreds of chips all along the front of the car. Mine have been Moro Blue (navy) and Lava grey (almost black) IIRC the colour you are describing is Mauritius blue.

For your info timing belt is due next April, bear this in mind if you buy.
Audi A3 Paint Chips - john farrar
My stepdaughter's '04 A3 with 38K in Brilliant Red is similarly affected. I think it's down to her commute round the M25 which has involved going thtough the T4 Heathrow roadworks. She says that when anyone changes lane she waits for the sound of debris hitting her screen. Her previous Peugeot was no less damaged.

My own A3 , again in Brilliant Red mainly sees non-motorway travel and is fine.
Audi A3 Paint Chips - BobL
The colour was indeed Mauritius blue. Our second car is also an Audi A3 which is an early 2003 model in Silver. It has covered nearly 120k, mostly motorway miles and only has a few small chips.
I thought the timing belt on these models was changed at 75k or is there a time limit as well. The engine is an 05 plate 2.0TDI 140BHP
Audi A3 Paint Chips - martint123
I think frontend paint chips are a result of the driver rather than the make or paint.

Tailgating repmobile would be my first guess.
Audi A3 Paint Chips - darfield moocher
I have a brilliant red 58 reg Audi TT, I don't tail gate, don't do any motorway driving and have chipping affecting the whole of the car not just the front. Audi are totally disinterested in taking any action to resolve my problem - I think I'd be better off with a Ford at least the paint work stayed on!
Audi A3 Paint Chips - mustangman
My car is currently too young to worry about stone chips. But when they start to arrive, how come the underneath layers of paint are allways white? The car is black so chips will stand out a mile. Something to do with water-based paint?
Audi A3 Paint Chips - dxp55

I have the same problem -Black Mazda is 5 months old and has chips everywhere including a star chip on windscreen - I also blame water-based paint -doesn't seem as hard as paint on my older car.
Audi A3 Paint Chips - mikeyb
Think a lot of it is to do with the low VOC paint thats that are now used - think they are a lot softer.

My 07 A3 was in briliant black and that showed up every little mark, but came from the factory with paint defects - along the edge of the bonnet you could see what looked like contamination under the lacquer
Audi A3 Paint Chips - ifithelps
...low VOC paint that that are now used...

What's VOC?

Agree with the other posters, modern paint chips and scratches very easily.

The CC3 is dark blue and if you look carefully....

Never mind, it's tremendous car in nearly all other respects and I'm rapidly becoming addicted to open top motoring.

Audi A3 Paint Chips - daveyjp
Volatile Organic Compounds.

Almost 10 months since I posted and still only two on my bonnet, both are now almost invisible following a valet and touch up.
Audi A3 Paint Chips - rtj70
My previous car (Mondeo 2003-2007) and current car (Mazda6 2007-present) have/had paint that easily chips/marks. I put it down to this VOC too. The car before that was a VW and it's paint never had a problem like this.

.. there's progress for us.

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