Dealer Workshop has bent my car - Mr Fox
I took my W Peugeot 406 to the dealer today for a new fuel filler cap, it has only been faulty since April, and finally they managed to get me one the right colour, ( they have already lost 3 )I handed over my keys and waited patiently whilst they took the car in.

When I was told it was done I went outside to see a dent in the Front wing, which I know wasn't there when I handed the car over.

The guy who had moved it claimed it was there before but I know it wasn't - The manager came to have a look and tried to pull it out with a rubber sucker, which made it slightly better but there is still a dent.

He claimed the car hadn't been moved into the workshop, but I saw it as there is a window in the back of the office.

Anyway after an argument, in which I told the service manager that they had sent the car out after it's last service with 4 illegal tyres and not reset the indicator (again, He said he would have to speak to his boss about what they were prepared to do. He was not availible when I tried to contact him this evening.

What should my next step be ? Write to Peugeot UK ? I have had a number of difficulties with this dealer but never anything like this.
Dealer Workshop has bent my car - Mark (RLBS)
Either Small Claims Court or a letter from tame Solicitor.

Do it right now, an extreme reaction from you at this moment will almost certainly have a dramatic effect. And much more so than threatening it.

If you wish to argue first, ring the Manager (Commercial, not Service) and leave a message saying that you will take this action within one hour if you do not receive a response. Make sure that you emphasise that you have been lied to already, and accused [admittedly by implication] of lying and so you are not prepared to wait.
Dealer Workshop has bent my car - teabelly
I would talk to your local Trading Standards as the first step as they are very helpful plus this will get the dealer's name on their records. They will basically tell you to get estimates for the repair and write to the dealer saying that unless they arrange to fix the vehicle then you will get the work done and sue them for it. If you copy the letter to Peugeot UK and quote your trading standards reference number I am sure they will put pressure on the dealer to make sure that you are a happy customer again.

Unless the car was inspected by the dealer as soon as you dropped it off they have no way of proving that the dent wasn't put there by them.

Dealer Workshop has bent my car - Cyd
I'd use a combination of Trading Standards and your insurance company. Your insurance should fight your corner for you - after all a third party has damaged your car.

The one hour notice sounds like a good idea. Also (your insurance company will advise you about this) I think you have the right to have your car repaired where you want. You could argue that you have lost faith in the garage which did the damage due to a string of issues. This may carry more weight if it's backed up by a complaint to Trading Standards.

I suggest you advise them in writing, hand delivered and get them to sign a copy of the letter to prove receipt (which you then keep). Keep the letter precise and factual, nor too long. Also keep the meeting cordial - be assertive but not agressive and do not loose your rag.

Good luck - let us know how you get on.
Dealer Workshop has bent my car - The Watcher
Are the garage seriously saying they fitted the new fuel flap on the forecourt etc? Don't they have to protect their employees with H&S regs?

I think time is of the essence here (literally) and would contact the commercial manager asap and demand a reply within a few hours. Tell them if no reply heard you'll be issuing a claim via the SCC. I wouldn't delay things by telling Trading Standards but let them know anyway.
Dealer Workshop has bent my car - Pugugly {P}
Tend to agree with most of which has been said here, I would do two other things.

Check your car and house (and possibly Union) insurance and see if any cover you for legal cover. If not and unless you know a tame solicitor seek one out at your local CAB. As I've mentioned before many briefs pay their penance here and it can be a cheap way into the legal side of things.

Hellishly difficult to fight this one but worth a shot....
Dealer Workshop has bent my car - Flat in Fifth
This thread just goes to show how dealers vary.

Something similar happened to one of my previous Pugs, not a big dent but noticeable. Calmly explained the situation to the service bod, immediately he got the bodyshop guy out, who issued his pronouncement, and yes they agreed to do it at the earliest opportunity. Always wondered if they really knew about it and waited to see if I spotted it.

The point is, however, that the pain and grief of dealing with an unhelpful garage is such that it really is worth seeking out good and reliable people both franchised and independant, building up a relationship, sticking to it, being pragmatic about any 50-50 situations and recommending them to new clients.

In case anybody wants to know this was the Pug dealer in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Changed ownership since then but the same personnel present last time I was there.
Dealer Workshop has bent my car - Peter D
Steady Steady.

Contact Peugeot UK Customer Service by Phone then follow this up in writing copying it to the dealer.

Letter to start "Further to our recent telephone conversation I confirm the details etc etc etc. Use recorded delivery

One day later write to the Senior Manager of your dealership asking him hwo to resolve the difficulty and reminding him of the facts and that they tried to pull out the dent thus indicating they may have been responsible for the damage and that they were incorrect in stating they fixed the car on the forcourt and you saw it in the workshop.

One day after you Know the letter has been delivered call the garge and comfirm the guy is in the office then drive to the garage and ask to see him.

Address the matter and in conclusion ask for a wriiten response whilst you wait.

This should invoke a positive response and probably a fix. If not you have a trial of you making every effort for them to rectify their mistake. Then if necessary you can contact Uk Office again and get them to lean on the garage.

Good Luck. Been their, done that, several times, good lawyer, nice letter, hard line. come back on this !!.

Dealer Workshop has bent my car - phil oliver
I've just picked my car up after a service. The guy immediately came out and said "Sorry I've scratched your car but we've fixed it". He had opened another car door onto the body colour rubbing strip. I can't see where they have touched it in. They could have said nothing, but that's why I go there, a small family owned garage that gets most of its business locally. It's a dealer for one of those makes that most people on this site wouldn't be seen dead in. I trust them, they trust me. I expect the bill for the service will be ready after my holiday, if they remember! Large main dealers? Mo thank you.

Dealer Workshop has bent my car - Humpy
A friend of mine took his car to a dealer in Ashford for crash repair damage. They fixed it and just as he was leaving to pick it up he got a phone call from them saying that the car had been damaged further in the garage. They had apparently dropped an engine onto it's roof! Needless to say they admitted what had happened straight away and repaired it. But what were they doing dangling an engine above it in the first place?! Surely it would eventually cost him further out of pocket on resale value.
Dealer Workshop lost my car - Paul Mykatz-Tinks
I know someone who took his motor to a Ford dealer for a service.

He returned at 5.30 to collect it, but the dealer couldn't find it.

Half an hour later, they decided it had been stolen.

So he set off on foot to get the bus, walked round the corner past the dealer's used car area...................

And saw his car with a price on the screen.
Peugeot Dealer Dent Update !!!! - Mr Fox
Thanks for all your messages Guys !

I have rung the Commercial Manager, who knew about the problem so somebody must have briefed him. At first was adamant that he was not prepared to do anything, saying that the technician had told him he saw the damage before ?!?!

After a few minutes "Discussion" about the other options open to me to take it further, if he wasn't prepared to do anything,he has agreed to get the Bodyshop to take the vehicle in for repair, and will ring me next week to arrange a time.

So Hopefully it won't go any further,and the car will get repaired, and now he has agreed to this, it is tantamount to admitting liability, which is what they should have done before.

Once again thanks for your help.

For the Record it was City Motors in Sheffield.
Peugeot Dealer Dent Update !!!! - Dynamic Dave
Thanks for all your messages Guys !

Instead of starting a new thread, why not add your comment to the original one? That way it keeps things tidier and easier to follow.

ask and ye shall receive......... Mark.

Dealer Workshop has bent my car - StephenBargewell
It could\'ve been worse - I took my car to a Peugeot Dealer (dealers name deleted) and when I got it back the ignition system was faulty - failed completely the second time I tried to start it and needed the whole ignition set and all the locks replaced - They said it was pure coincidence and that they were not liable.

They said they would only compensate me if i agreed to buy a brand new car from them (which I didn\'t)!!

When I complained in writing I was told that Peugeot UK had agreed to pay for the parts - which I later found out was a complete lie just to get me off their case.

As usual trading standards were completely useless and I guess going to court won\'t help as it will be impossible for me to prove that it was not coincidence.
Dealer Workshop has bent my car - Vansboy
First line on our service sheet, after customers/vehicle details......
'Walk round vehicle noting any damaged/missing items, fit seat cover & floor protection'
Never had a problem.
Dealer Workshop has bent my car - Armitage Shanks{P}
Slightly off-thread but possibly a family run main dealership is the answer! Where I live there is a Peugoet agent with a certain dealership name and there are 4 members of the family in overall charge plus accounts, parts and workshop. The difference bwteen their service and that of another franchise a few miles away, which is one of 32 different ones owned by an East Midlands 'conglomorate' is amazing!
Dealer Workshop has bent my car - David Lacey
A very difficult situation.......

Glad you got it sorted.

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