02 2.5 Shuddering when accelerating in low gears ( - birr
Despite a full and very expensive service at an audi main dealer, my A6 Avant 2.5 TDI (02) is shuddering quite badly when accellerating from a standstill or from a v low speed (probably from 1st gear only - it is an auto gearbox). The problem was reported to them before the sevice and they changed the fuel filter in the service (scheduled) which seemed to rectify the problem but it has started again just a few months later (and not many miles added). With various bits and pieces the last service came to £1k and i don't feel like giving them any more of my money! They want another 1 hour diagnostic session at £100 per hour and am not sure what to do - is it good money after bad?

Any thought on what the problem might be? a faulty new filter? a gearbox problem (they also changed the gearbox fluid in the service)? an engine problem?

Any advice would be very much appreciated

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