04 1.6 emmissions warning light - jamesy23
After about 55k miles and a recent full service our scenic displayed a warning "emmission". The dealers could not find a fault. Shortly after this the emmissions warning came on again and the battery went flat. The dealer claimed 2 unrelated faults and replaced the battery and "fixed" the sensor on the camshaft. The emmissions warning light came on again and a couple of days later the car would not start (flat battery) the dealership are struggliung with this fault. Any suggestions out there? Help!

04 1.6 emmissions warning light - Screwloose

I'm always amazed at the way Renault dealers "can't find" any codes after the light has been on.

Perhaps they should look for the battery drain, or charging fault - if they know how?
04 1.6 emmissions warning light - stefanovitch
Aren't the emmissions linked to the pencil coils.

i.e. replace the coils (of which there could be 4 or 6) I think. It may just be one coil causing the problem.
04 1.6 emmissions warning light - Burgers
I had the same problem with our 54 reg 1.6 Grand scenic.

Earlier this year the car developed a sudden power loss followed by the emissions warning.
As the car was outside the warranty I took to my trusted local mechanic. His diagnostics unit show a fault on coil pack 4. He replaced and reset the system. Still got a fault on cylinder 4. He then changed the spark plug. Reset the system and now got an error on pack 1. He decided to replace all 4 coils and the 4 sparks (the sparked needed doing). All now seemed fine.

Couple of days later - same warning. Also now we were getting a random dead battery. This kept occurring despite checking for any lights (interior and exterior) being left on. We even checked to see if there was any high current draws whilst car was parked. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Took car back to mechanic - diag unit now showed a cam sensor error. Left car overnight for sensor to be replaced and for main battery to be tested (battery in good nick). Emissions error cleared. Mechanic couldn't find any fault with electrics - no significant power draw.

Took car back - 2 miles down road - emissions warning again. We decided to keep the car for a while to see if anything would settle. Now we noticed the engine would cut out whilst at idle. The random battery discharge still kept up. We also noticed that after charging the battery back up, the electric windows would not open smoothly. Each time you tried to open a window it would jerk bit by bit. How ever this would then random cure itself!

We took the car back and this time decided that the engine had to be stripped - no other choice. Eventually it was discovered that the cam had a missing tooth. This was replaced and the car given a good test.

Since then we haven't had any further problems. Our mechanic is at loss to explain why we were getting the battery drains as the problems with the Cam where not likely to cause any such drain. So despite the considerable sum of money spent (although would have been far worse at a dealership!!!) we now have a working car.

Interestingly my mother has a o4 scenic which also this year has had the emissions warning and had to have all 4 coil packs replaced...........


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