Car scrapping question - carvirgin
Er...I want to scrap my old car. I picked a company from the list of ELV scrap dealers from the DoE website and spoke to them. They said they'd come and take the car away and I should give them the V5 document (I don't have a VC5) without filling it in and they'll send me a CoD later on.

Is that how it's done? I'm a bit worried about just handing over the car and the log book. Should I worry?

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Car scrapping question - Dwight Van Driver
Taken the vehicle is more than 11 yrs of age?

If so your obligations at law are:

Road Vehicles (reg & Lic) regs 2001

Change of keeper: registration document issued in Great Britain before 24th March 1997

21. - (1) This regulation applies where the current registration document for a vehicle was issued in Great Britain before 24th March 1997 and a change in the keeper of the vehicle occurs.

(2) The registered keeper -

(a) if the registration document is in his possession, shall deliver that part of it which relates to a change of keeper to the new keeper; and

(b) shall forthwith deliver to the Secretary of State, on that part of the registration document which relates to the notification of transfer (or otherwise in writing), the following information -

(i) notification of the change of keeper;

(ii) the date on which the vehicle was sold or transferred to the new keeper;

(iii) the name and address of the new keeper;

(iv) the registration mark of the vehicle; and

(v) the make, model and colour of the vehicle.

(3) If the new keeper -

(a) intends to use or keep the vehicle on public roads otherwise than under a trade licence; or

(b) does not intend to use or keep the vehicle on public roads,

he shall notify the Secretary of State of his name and address, on the appropriate part of the registration document (or otherwise in writing).

(4) If the new keeper intends to use the vehicle on public roads solely under a trade licence, he shall notify the Secretary of State that this is his intention on or before whichever is the sooner of -

(a) the expiration of the period three months beginning with the date on which he became the keeper of the vehicle; or

(b) if a further change of keeper occurs, the date of that change.

But you state you do not have a V5 which sets out the process.

Go ahead with the sale to the scrappie and then send a letter (Rec Delivery) - keep copy
to DVLA explaining no V5 and with the details as outlined and applicable above.

That should cover you from any spurious parking/speeding tickets.

Car scrapping question - carvirgin
Thanks, DVD. The car is 14 years old but the V5 I have is dated 23 April 1997 because that's when I last moved house.

The scrap company (who are authorised) are telling me that no transfer of the car will take place to them because I'm getting them to scrap it. So they're saying I should just give them the whole V5 without filling it in or sending any part of it to the DVLA. That's the bit I was asking about - is that how it's supposed to be done?
Car scrapping question - Galaxy
I myself have just sold a car for scrap to a vehicle dismantler.

I did have a V5C and the dismantler signed and completed section 9 of the document. He did, however, inform me that, as a licenced dismantler, they had the facility to inform the DVLA online. This would be done the same afternoon.

So, although I did get the V5C completed, and have sent the relevant section off to the DVLA, I probably didn't need to do anything, but I've just covered my back.

So, if the vehicle dismantler has the same online link to the DVLA that the people who I dealt with had, then there shouldn't be any problem for you.

Car scrapping question - carvirgin
Thanks, Galaxy. I'll ring the DVLA tomorrow, just to see what they say, but I think I'll do what you did. Sounds right.
Car scrapping question - martint123

Selling the vehicle for scrap

Scrap dealers and vehicle dismantlers are now known as authorised treatment facilities (ATFs), they will treat end of life vehicles in an environmentally friendly manner. If you pass your vehicle to an ATF and it is destroyed immediately, hand in your registration certificate. Certain types of vehicles, including cars and vans up to 3,500kgs, will be issued with a certificate of destruction (CoD). If the vehicle is not to be destroyed, you should fill in the V5C/3 section of the registration certificate to transfer keepership to the ATF. Send the V5/3C to DVLA, Swansea SA99 1BD.

Car scrapping question - nick
Out of interest, how much did you get for it?
Car scrapping question - Galaxy
I got £100 for mine, a 1993 Fiesta. I could have probably got more if I'd phoned around and spent an afternoon ringing up different places asking them how much they would give me for it.

Couldn't be bothered. I just wanted to get rid of it, with no come-backs on me.

By the way, further to my earlier posting, I've just checked the scrapped car on the DVLA website by doing a Vehicle Enquiry. I note with interest that the "Date of Liability" is now shown as 12th August, which was the date I sold the car. So, something must have been done by the DVLA about recording the car as being scrapped, because I SORN'ed that car back in May and it lasts 12 months.

Car scrapping question - carvirgin
Thanks for the DVLA excerpt. That's what I got told on the phone. I didn't get anything for it (check my username!). I could have negotiated a bit but I couldn't be bothered. I just wanted it out of the driveway. I'm sure the scrap dealer will make money on it. Fair enough. This is the first time I've ever disposed of a car. I'll be less of a virgin next time. :-)
Car scrapping question - zookeeper
ive got an old fiesta on my drive, paid penuts a bout 5 years ago, il hang on to it then cash it it soon...loads ah maneee.. bish bash bosh
Car scrapping question - Grant Livesey

I wouldnt risk having the COD sent later. They should give you one there and then.

Car scrapping question - RT

I wouldnt risk having the COD sent later. They should give you one there and then.

It's been over 9 years since the previous post!


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