Which would you have? - Tyrant
I've been made aware that I should be thinking of another car. A new different car I mean.

After a lot of tooing and froing it has come down to Berlingo Multispace -the "new" one or a Roomster. I'd go for biggest Diesel.

Which would you have and why?

Please and Thanks
Which would you have? - Pugugly
Roomie - decent dealers if nothing else. The 1.9 is pretty nippy.
Which would you have? - tyro
I've never been in either,so don't know. Have you test driven both? If so, what did you think?

The Roomster is a bit more economical and bit faster. The Berlingo has substantially more space, particularly as regards luggage. If I wanted the space, I'd probably be inclined to go for the Berlingo. Othewise I'd probably go for the Roomster. (Though I would probably choose a run-out old Berlingo 1.6 Hdi 90 in preference to either since it is considerably cheaper.)

As for the comments about dealers, this may well be generally true, but it will depend on where you are. I know one area of the country where there is a very good Citroen dealer, but the Skoda dealership - and it is the only one for miles - is not great.
Which would you have? - concrete
Tyrant, I have a Skoda and when recently serviced I was loaned a Roomster for the day. Excellent. In a few years time when I retire and no longer need a large saloon for long journeys I will buy a Roomster. Great little performer and good dealer too. Concrete.
Which would you have? - b308
Tyro, aren't Citroen supposed to be running both old and new Berlingos for the foreseeable future? I don't think they've set a finish date for the old one, just cut back the range to a bare minimum.

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Which would you have? - Lud
It would have to be the Skoda on looks alone, although a Berlingo would have I imagine a price advantage.
Which would you have? - Pugugly

I'll be mortified if you think the Roomie is a handsome carriage.
Which would you have? - Lud
a handsome carriage.

That would be putting it far too fulsomely PU, no need for blushes. How can I put it... an eccentric foreign van-car whose styling is an engagingly slick example of the FU* school of design...

*can't spell it out, swear filter would intervene. For other examples of FU, look no further than Citroen: 2CV, Ami6, need I go on?

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Which would you have? - tyro
b308, the old Berlingo will continue to be marketed as the Berlingo First for a couple of years - but only in extremely spartan form - that is to say one petrol engine, and one diesel, both with 75 hp, and no sunroof or modutop options, etc..

HOWEVER, I understand that at the moment, it is still possible to get an old Berlingo with one of the more powerful engines and even such luxuries as the modutop.
Which would you have? - tyro
p.s. what I meant in my first post is that I would want one of the old Berlingos - as they were making them - not a "Berlingo First" which is a poor substitute.

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