2001 1.9 Glove box - lock - dins
I wonder if anyone can help me. I have a VW Bora (51) 1.9 TDi. Recently the lock on the Glove box has jammed. The lock is stuck in the "IN" position. I have tried to unlock it with the key, no joy!

The two side plastic lugs that normally stick out refuse to come out. I assume the lock mechanism is broken. I can?t see any obvious way to get to the lock, to have a look at it (i.e. no screws). Now the Front cover just flaps about in the open position and annoys anyone sits in the front passenger seat as you can imagine.

Any ideas???

I have also looked to see if I can remove the front cover and can't figure out how to do this? If there is anyone who could who can help me, I would be very grateful.
2001 1.9 Glove box - lock - maltrap
You could try giving the lock and lugs a squirt with WD40. The two quadrant shaped stays are probably spring loaded and if squeezed inwards will let the door drop down for more access. You could try going to a VAG parts place ask about the price of a new lock and how to get the old one out.
2001 1.9 Glove box - lock - maltrap
I've just looked in my Haynes manual. Before the glovebox can be removed,thecentre console front section has to be removed to gain access to one of the screws.
2001 1.9 Glove box - lock - dins
Hi Maltrap,

Thanks for your help... I will give it a try...

2001 1.9 Glove box - lock - 659FBE
When you get it all out and working again, smear a very small quantity of silicone grease on the two sliders - the angled faces and the thrust side of the parallel portion.

When I got my Skoda Superb (same parts bin) the latch was so stiff it faced imminent destruction - silky smooth now. Poor choice of plasics by VAG.


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