08 1.6 DVD,speedometer and c/locking questions - AlanB1947
Is there an instruction booklet for the on-board DVD players? If so, where can I get a copy? Is it possible to hear the sound from the car speakers rather than the headphones?

Also - is it possible to have the speedo back-lit without the lights on.

And - can a remote entry device be fitted to the key as it's a pain to have to use the door lock each time!!


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08 1.6 DVD,speedometer and c/locking questions - marley
many after market alarm systems have remote central locking facilities, they will only set you back a couple of hundred quid if you want one which will lock the door, boot, close all the windows and sun roof. Some will even start your car for those cold mornings. I have a GEMINI system but there are plenty out there at many price ranges, some can even drop your insurance, speak to them first, see what you can save first. then decide how much you want to spend and then what functions you want. Good luck!

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