02 2.0 (auto) diesel misfiring - BlueChip
Its an '02 automatic diesel with over 100,000 miles on the clock
I have had problems from new, where the engine occasionally misfired and then stalled when approaching a junction. Worse when cold. Engine is very rattly at about 1700 - 2000 revs and sounds like a taxi.
Glowplug comes on occasionally 1 or 2x a day and turbo stops - ok after restart

Its been like this pretty well since new and has been back to Ford loads of times, in the end I learnt to live with it as it is, but I will never buy another Mondeo - shame really as this was my fourth in a row

Recently I drove to Spain and I learnt some more about these problems.
Running on cruise control at 80 mph, the misfiring occurs when cresting the brow of a hill or whenever the load comes off the engine, its a momentary misfire and then continues running ok.

Ford had remapped the injectors and loaded new software more times than I care to think about, so its probably not that.

I averaged 46 mpg over the trip to Spain, running at 80 ish all the way so there cannot be much wrong with the car, but it would be nice to figure out what the problem is once and for all

Any ideas?

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02 2 diesel misfiring - Screwloose

When the MIL light comes on and it drops to limp mode; what codes are stored?
02 2 diesel misfiring - spikeyhead {p}
Some ideas

Leak from intercooler pipe the inlet manifold, lift off the plastic engine cover, if its leaking there'll be soot over the engine.

Camshaft sensor

A dodgy electrical connection which could be on any of the sensors. There's a lot of them.

VVT actuator on the turbo

It may be worth finding a diesel specialist rather than a Ford dealer to look at it.

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