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Hello everyone,the battery light came on whilst driving to work the other day.We managed to arrive at our destination & ran a voltmeter across the battery descovering the alternator/battery was not taking a charge.We decieded to fit an alternator,alas its still not charging!.I've checked all the relative connections/earth straps etc for corrosion/security all okay the only thing thats bothering me is the light purple wire that runs on to a plug on the alternator.I traced this wire back to the fuse-box thats located alongside the battery,checked for continuity(ok).The wire is completely dead,does this charging circuit require a 12volt feed from the fuse box to excite the alternator?

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54 1.9d Charging system woes - Screwloose

The earth strap stud on the clutch housing is favourite for a bad earth.

Measure the voltage difference between the alternator casing and the battery negative and the voltage diff between the output bolt and the battery pos.

How many small wires go to the alt? The wires are numbered, not colour coded, have a look for the wire number printed on it.

What is the battery light doing now?

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