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This message carries on from my other posting "engine cut out whilst driving". Basically I was driving on the motorway and the engine died.

The garage has confirmed that the cambelt has slipped about 5 teeth and damaged two valves. The cost of the repair is estimated at 500 to 600 quid.

I would like to know is this price about right?

What do you think would be the best thing for me to do in your opinion; do i repair it and hope the repair is ok, or should I get rid?

I'm worried that if the repairs are done there is a possiblity of it still not working, is this correct?

Do I have any other options?

98 1.4 Replacing damaged valves and cambelt - Screwloose

Very common on that engine when the tensioner fails at even small mileages. Properly repaired it should be fine.

The cost varies enormously depending on the garage and the area - but that doesn't sound untypical.

98 1.4 Replacing damaged valves and cambelt - caine
Sound's about right,(without knowing exactley what's being replaced)I'm afraid these days rebuilding heads after similar damage is all to common.There ought to be no problems after the jobs done.Most garage's will have done many.One thing I would always do/insist on,is every single valve is removed checked and valve head reground and lapped back in regardless if damaged or not.broken one's replaced of course.Ive seen examples where the only ones replaced were the dammaged one's.False economy in my book.done to this standard or better.You'll find the car runs better than ever.
98 1.4 Replacing damaged valves and cambelt - peter973
I'm going to change headgsaket on my Nissan Micra 1988 K10.

What's best to do with valves, what do you check & do you regrind valves with paste ??

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