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2003 1.6 Socket size for sump plug ? - oldpostie
An odd request, but I don't know what size socket (if it is a hexagonal plug even) for my daughter's Citroen Xsara Picasso 1.6 petrol. I want to change the oil for her, but until I get the ramps here, and the car, I can't have a look. I'll probably need another socket as our set was stolen. It would save me an extra journey if I could find out what I need beforehand. Also, is the filter easy to get at ?

Edited by Dynamic Dave on 29/07/2008 at 21:09

2003 1.6 Socket size for sump plug ? - RichardW
It's probably 21mm which seems to be Citroen's preferred sump plug size. I'm not sure if this engine is TU or XU derivative, but either way the filter is probably on the front of the engine. All suppusition, since I've never even looked at one of these in 1.6 guise...!!
2003 1.6 Socket size for sump plug ? - oldpostie
Thanks for that, Richard.
2003 1.6 Socket size for sump plug ? - 659FBE
Before jumping on the French for using this size, it's worth pointing out that a standard spark plug spanner (13/16" AF) fits all of the PSA oil drain plugs I've encountered perfectly. I have no first hand experience of M. Picasso though.

So, entirely logical really as you would expect from the French - unless you're a confirmed diesel fanatic in which case you would not possess a spark plug spanner...

2003 1.6 Socket size for sump plug ? - RichardW
Not jumping on them, just saying that they all seem to be 21mm. I use a spark plug spanner on my diesels....!! Of course, my first BX TD needed an 8mm square bit that was non-standard, but I think they have stopped those shenannigans now!
2003 1.6 Socket size for sump plug ? - ifithelps
One of the few boltheads on any car that should be accessible, so a decent adjustable should do it.

And as the OP has unfortunately had his tools stolen, an adjustable or two might not be a bad purchase.

My £10 one from Halfords has quite a nice weight/feel to it.

Edited by ifithelps on 30/07/2008 at 18:33

2003 1.6 Socket size for sump plug ? - paulc924
My Peugeot sump plugs have been 21mm with an 8mm hexagonal centre recess. This is probably the cheapest way of getting the appropriate tool as an Allen key as long as the plug is not too tight. Regards, Paul.

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