2000 1.4 air con probs - rip
the air con is not good enough- press the air con button and the compressor engages and the fans start up, the temp only goes down to around 10-13 Celsius. Or around 9ish with the recirc button on.

So i thought there either a leak or low on gas- pooped of to kwik-fit for regass, they let the machine do the work and according to their own gauges the temp has only dropped from 13c to around 11c- i.e. pretty much the same as before the regass- to be fair they did not charge me for their work.

So i think there?s probably no leak (or it would not start the compressor) and has the right amount of gas is in there. The only thing i can hear is a clicking noise now and again when the air con is on (a bit like the compressor click) however the fans are still turning so not sure if this clicking is relevant, other than that i am stumped
2000 1.4 air con probs - MikeTorque
The nightmares continue ! The air con on this model is noted for failing and not performing as it should, in others words it's a bit of a lemon !

You could be landed with a very large bill trying to get it sorted out. My wife use to have onw these cars and the air con still didn't work properly after the compressor was changed, regased etc. The Citroen dealer wanted to charge a fortune by replacing the whole system, that'll fix it, no way we said, we sold it and cut our loses and got a totally reliable Ford Focus instead, no problems with its air con.

Hope you have a more successful outcome in sorting out the air con than we did.
2000 1.4 air con probs - Chrome
I used to own a 2001 Xsara 1.4 Mk2, the air-con on mine never worked properly when it was needed either, even after being regassed, it would work for a while and then stop and then the cabin temp would gradually creep up and it would dawn on me that I was overheating. A trip to mid France in 2006 was memorable because of this! In the end I gave up with it and drove with the windows open. I was planning to change the 'automatic' cabin air-temperature sensor to see if that would cure it but saw sense and changed the car instead! Like MikeTorque's Focus , my new car (a Kia Rio) has aircon that actually works (and continues to work) when it is switched on...
2000 1.4 air con probs - RichardW
It could be plenty of things... has the pollen filter been changed? Try whipping it out and see if that makes any difference. I'd also be checking to see if the condenser is blocked full of muck, and have a look and see if there is any flow indicated in the dryer sight glass. You really need an A/C specialist to look at it and read the system pressures properly, this might shed some light on the situation.
2000 1.4 air con probs - dereckr
My Xsara is the first car I?ve owned with a/c, so my only experience has been when I?ve been driven in a friend?s Volvo, which becomes like an icebox soon after switching on. The Xsara has never been able to do that, despite being re-gassed and checked. But realistically, it does work well enough for me and it?s certainly better than none. You state that it will reduce the temp to 10-13c? It depends on the outside temp of course, but it would seem to be doing quite well?how cold do you need? There maybe nothing mechanically wrong, but I would second the suggestion to check the pollen filter. When clogged the a/c won?t turn on.
2000 1.4 air con probs - rip
yes ive changed the pollen filter. re the dryer bottle there is no sight glass on it- i think the dryer bottle is newish to. ive checked the air con pipes and one feels very cold yet this is not getting into the cabin.
2000 1.4 air con probs - Ben79
It could be the heater flaps. They stick and then you get mixed hot and cold air, so it feels like the air con is broken.
2000 1.4 air con probs - rip
seefive- how to get i get to them is it posiible to have a look/inspect witout taking half the dash off?
2000 1.4 air con probs - Ben79
I've dug out my old Haynes manual. The control panel operates the heater flaps which are contained in the air distribution housing.

I'm afraid it sounds quite complicated. You need to remove the ashtray and radio and quite a number of screws. I'd recommend getting the book as it shows where the screws and tabs are.

I've removed the similar panel in my C5 without a manual. Good job I was replacing it with a new one as I broke a number of fixings. Be careful!

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