Omega climate control - Todge
The climate control on my '99 2.5 Elite is not functioning correctly. Drive off on a cold morning and it heats up the car fine. But a few miles down the road and it will only chuck out cold air despite whatever setting its on. The only way to get heat out of it is to go right up to 'HI'. Originally this only affected the passenger side, but cured itself. Now, four months later it's back, but now it's both sides. Am I looking at just temperature sensors, or something ominously larger and more expensive?
Omega climate control - Dave N
It's usually just a case of wires off sensors or motors. As with all things these days, they're pretty complicated, with motors doing all the work. To be honest, the best place to get it looked at is a good main dealer, as they have the facility to interogate the climate ecu, as well as the wiring diagrams and locations of the various bits.
Omega climate control - robert
Keep your fingers crossed it isn't the control panel - its all one part and only the bulbs can be changed). The cost if over £400. Hopefully its a sensor. Does it cool in the summer by pressing the ECO button (i.e light is off), if so then it shouldn't be the refrigerent gas which will cost £100 for a refill.
Omega climate control - Todge
Thanks Robert. Yes it cools OK, so it's not the aircon unit. I'll try to be brave and take it to Mr Vauxhall for the open wallet surgery.
Omega climate control - velox
Did you get it sorted out Todge?
I have the same problem with my CDX 2.5, but it's intermittent and the main dealer can't find any fault.
Calling Todge - velox
Did you get your climate control sorted?

Calling Todge - Todge
Thanks to all for their responses. It went into the main dealer last week, the technician confirmed that the problem existed and has diagnosed a sticking heater valve. The part is on order and (possibly) might arrive and be fitted next week. Quote is 60 quid for the part plus 60 quid labour. Will report back.
Omega climate control - kithmo
I have the same problem with my 2001 mondeo, I took it to the Ford dealers they reprogrammed the control unit and it is very slightly better (now blows "warm" at HI or 29 setting) but still not as hot as it was. Let us know if you find out what it is, Anybody.
Omega climate control - robert
What was the outcome to all this ??????????
Omega climate control - scotty
I bought a 2.5 CDX a month or so ago - had the same
problem. It's currently back with the dealer after
several attempts at a repair. Trouble is, I bought
it from a Ford dealer and they're just using the
local Vauxhall dealership for diagnosis advice. So
far the £400+ ecu - glad it's being fixed on warranty.


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