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has anyone tried this ? their cars used to be cheaper , I am certain. Now , looking at A class MB, 3 year old models just out of warantee seem to be retailing there for appx 50% of negotiated CURRENT new model prices , if not more , plus they want £91 ' document fee' and £55 to send the log book to DVLA . I wouldn't go there just for that .

All they do is stock up at auction and send them over - you can sometimes see the auction stickers still on the displayed stock ..

Can you shave off their prices now ? Years ago I used to pop in regularly , and saw an SL Merc that the salesman whispered had been there ' for at least a year ' ( I thought just 6 months ) . The manager wasn't there so i faxed through an offer of about 80% of the screen price - never heard back .

When I see their sticker on a car driven on the roads , it makes it look devalued on the spot, a low class brand ..

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I don't think they're particularly cheap any more, and everyone I know who cares says the same thing, including many of their former customers.

Going back 10 years or so, they used to offer spectacular deals on 3yr old ex-lease stuff, particularly if you weren't too concerned about miles. Back in 1997 my dad bought a very clean 3yr old, 97000 mile ex-Lloyds TSB Mondeo from them for £3700, which was a grand cheaper than you could find the same thing anywhere else at the time, yet searching recently for cars for the in-laws, their cars cropped up "mid table" in the search results ordered by price, and in some cases only a couple of hundred quid below comparable cars from main dealers, once you add on the little extra charges.

At the time it was a strictly no haggle process, but as the car was cheap to begin with, it wasn't too much of a problem.
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They aren't as cheap as they used to be because Car Giant at least respects the Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumers Regs, 2002, which effectively gives you a 6 month guarantee. A lot of their competitors deny any knowledge of this important piece of consumer protection legislation.

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"I don't think they're particularly cheap any more"

You are correct! I have been looking to buy a small car from them for quite a while, given that they are very close to where I live, however after viewing over 20 different vehicles, I decided to buy from a main dealer, because I got a better overall deal.

Some of the vehicles I looked at, were very tatty for their age, which suggest that they must have had a very hard life.

I'm sure many people got wonderful deals from CG, however it didn't work in my case.


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