How many points!? - leef
Talking to a friend in the office today and he told that he's managed to get 9 points on his licence in the space of 2 hours! He's had a clean licence for 20 odd years but got caught from the same mobile police camera van on the same stretch of road within 2 hours! needless to say he was a bit upset when NIP's came through the door totalling £180 and his insurance will rocket. 1st one was 38mph in 30 zone, then 39mph and then 41mph in a 30 zone. He won't be speeding again!! :)

I know this has been done a while back, but how many points have you backroomers CURRENTLY got on your licence!...

I'll start.... 3 points (for using my mobile.... won't be doing that again!)

How many points!? - FotheringtonThomas
How many points!? - Dipstick
4, for due care after someone pulled out in front of me when I was doing 60 odd on a dual carriageway and I went into the back of him.
How many points!? - Andy P
None at the moment, although I did come close about 4 weeks ago - came off the Runcorn Bridge onto the dual carriageway into Widnes at "some" mph, and just as I got onto the straight bit, there was a Police Corsa, complete with plod and camera. Luckily, he wasn't actually using at the time. A work colleague also went past the same camera an hour later and also "escaped".
How many points!? - moonshine {P}

Zero points on my licence.

However, I can't help but feel that my luck is going to run out one day.
How many points!? - b308
Zero points on my licence.
However I can't help but feel that my luck is going to run out one


With regard to mimsing, I suppose a recent example would be the car two in front of mine on the Hagley Road a couple of days ago which was proceding in the outside lane at 25mph and not truning right nor overtaking slower (!) traffic on the inside lane, "holier than thou" fits the bill nicely....
How many points!? - *Gongfarmer*
That'll teach him ! A colleague did the same thing nipping out to go shopping at lunch, caught going each way - 6 points - and he didn't even get what he went for.
it won't necessarily affect his insurance though. I was with LV until recently who only asked if you'd been banned for speeding, not how many points you have.
As for my licence - clean !
How many points!? - Pugugly
0 (touching a very presentable Queen Anne)
How many points!? - DP
None, and never have had.

Which is a very misleading testament to my driving (habitual speeder)

SWMBO got her first SP30 within four hours of taking delivery of the MX-5. :-)


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How many points!? - JohnPug
Got 6 points at the moment, but both indiscretions are over 3 years old.

Caught twice in work van, now slowed down considerably. In fact drive a lot less.
How many points!? - NowWheels
No points, and never had any (touch wood).

I don't claim to be an angel (sometimes exceed the limit on a clear road out of town), but I try to treat the limit as limit rather than a target.
How many points!? - Lud
My licence is falling to bits, and I have to get a new mugshot one now anyway. My expiring one has three greasy official thumbprints on it, two from the eighties (CD10, £30 and 2 points, wonder what that was? and SP50, fixed penalty and 3 points). One is from 2005, going through a red light, £60 fixed penalty and 3 points. Perhaps that one hasn't expired.

Reassuring to find some others are as depraved and toeraggy as I am. Can't think what the virgins are doing boasting here though. Asking for it, seems to me.

How many points!? - Pugugly
CD10 - Due Care.....
How many points!? - Lud
Thanks PU, but I could tell that CD probably meant careless driving. I just can't remember what I am supposed to have done, or how some copper came to make that mistake...

No one's perfect of course. No doubt the fellow meant well.
How many points!? - leef
Can't think
what the virgins are doing boasting here though. Asking for it seems to me.

agreed! :)
How many points!? - Pugugly
That's why the Queen Anne was to day is due I fear, I just love speed.
How many points!? - moonshine {P}

I'm certainly not boasting about my lack of points - given the OPs story it just highlights how lucky you have to be these days to keep a clean licence.

I'm sure my day will come...
How many points!? - Alby Back
Used to drive like an ignited witch. Resultantly always had someone else's writing on the license. Moved to diesels 13 years ago and started driving more langourously. Didn't seem to hold the same appeal. Haven't had any points since although I did have to go on one of those speed awareness thingies a couple of years ago.

Now if I get that ST220 estate I keep threatening to in "performance blue" ( aka the "I've got the fast one" colour ) well, watch this space re points I suppose...................

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How many points!? - Pugugly
Bought some Crocs in the USA Humph - albeit Man ones - hopefully they'll reduce the weight passed to the throttle...:-)
How many points!? - Alby Back
Dear Lord.........

How many points!? - Group B
I went back onto 0 points in April this year. Had one or two of those disagreeable "did it get me?" moments but I've managed to stay clean since 2003..

A mate of mine did a silly one with a fixed Gatso back in the late 90's, when they were few and far between.

He got done on a road where the limit repeatedly switches from 30 to 40 to NSL. Two weeks later he was driving the same road with friend and girlfriends in the car, too busy explaining how he had been snapped "by that camera there", there was a flash and the same camera had got him again...

He accrued 12 points but kept his licence; the judge put him on 13 points and gave him a £500 fine IIRC.. I cant remember how his premium was affected but it was probably beneficial that he drove a 950cc Fiesta.

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How many points!? - Alby Back
OK PU you got me good and proper ! Very good !

That was a wind up about the "shoes", right ?

I mean the Roomster, fair play, it has some merit. The Rohan trousers, well, in the right circumstances I suppose. The Thinsulate bob-hat, useful enough if you are an outdoorsy sort I guess.

But plastic clogs with holes in ?!!!!! You'll be telling us you've bought a shell suit to go with them next !

Like I said, VG !

How many points!? - Lud
I don't know why anyone should doubt PU's word.

I don't suppose he often has to wear an ill-kept scrub-wig in court, but the thought of a county court judge gazing benevolently over his reading specs at the fat purple perforated duck-beaks peeping out from under PU's impeccably pressed striped trousers gives me considerable pleasure.
How many points!? - Pugugly
No holes - they are canvas man ones.
How many points!? - Nsar
3 for parking where there is an unbroken white line.

Whilst I was v dischuffed about that at the time overall I'll buy it in terms of my overall relationship with motoring law.

How many points!? - midlifecrisis
Haven't got any of my own.........but I've given plenty ;)
How many points!? - Falkirk Bairn
Zero - ever in 44 yrs driving

Cruise Control is very efficient and now would not buy a car without it as it is too easy to stray and there are too many caameras about.
How many points!? - stackman
Just a hypothetical.....

If you sped past one camera then sped past another a few miles down the road could you argue that you hadn't slowed down between them so had commited just one offence and therefore should be fined and pointed only once?

Does this come under the "Double Jeopardy" scenario, being charged twice over the same offence?
How many points!? - jimf1912
8. But five of them were on a bike, the queue had just cleared and my gloves were thick and my hand twisted the grip so easily, your honour. The other three were in my partner's Puma, managed to own a 330Ci for 6 years and (by the grace of god) not collect a single point in it!
How many points!? - MisterH
6, for 'speeding'.

Got rid of a further 3 last November, and these 6 will be spent this September and November.

Close shave on the Millbrook Road recently.......was it the 'magic spray' on the numberplate that saved me ??!!
How many points!? - Westpig

if you'd asked me prior to April it would have been van on A303, March 2003, whilst on my bike...wasn't a lot of speed, but obviously enough...never saw the van though :-(
How many points!? - Roger Jones
0 points.

Last booked for speeding about 15 years ago. Southern end of M1, sunny very early Sunday morning with very little traffic. Booked for doing 80 something. Not cameras, of course, but a real live patrol car driven by officers with potential discretion . . .

As a youth on a Vespa, with tennis partner on the back, I went through the first unit of a 30 speed trap, instantly realized what I'd done, so stopped and turned around before reaching the second unit, much to the amusement of officer at the first unit, who was bent double with laughter.

Oh, and was caught by a motorcycle cop in Stockport in the early 1970s while driving a hired van. That was fair enough and I blamed myself for not adjusting my sense of speed to being higher off the ground.
How many points!? - Alby Back
Aw that just dispelled a myth WP. I thought all you chaps had to do was make a discreet 'phone call ? Nudgety nudge, winkety wink. Film disappears ?

Only kidding !

How many points!? - Westpig
Aw that just dispelled a myth WP. I thought all you chaps had to do
was make a discreet 'phone call ? Nudgety nudge winkety wink. Film disappears ?

in the old days, when stopped by real people, you might try dropping a few hints in the hope you got a rollocking and sent on your way. It was considered very poor form to produce your warrant card though, something akin to blaspheming in church.

nowadays forget it

what with 'integrity tests' and the increasing use of the offence of 'attempting to pervert the course of justice' or even 'malfeasance in public office'...just pay the tax and get on with it
How many points!? - pendulum
No points in 3 years / 100,000 miles. I'm pendulum and I'm a habitual speeder too, so that's rather good.

I put it down to good observation (I seem to have seen the vans quicker than they have seen me on two or three occasions) but mostly, luck! Luck which will not last forever, for I will be picked off eventually and be made to pay my speeding tax.
How many points!? - Lud
pay my speeding tax.

Well done pendulum. Useful new expression.
How many points!? - Rumfitt
Praise be!

How refreshing to find a thread in which people who 'like motoring' admit their fallabilities. And, despite what the speed virgins say, anyone who drives long journeys or ventures into unfamiliar territory can very easily get caught out by this iniquitous tax...

Myself, I got caught doing 73 in a 70 zone (dual carriageway), but plod thought I was driving a van, when it was a Caravelle. No way was I going to get my first speeding ticket for that! So I went to Pepipoo for advice and took the unsigned route (it was in Scotland). After a nervous 6 months of curtain twitching I got off Scot-free as they say!

How many points!? - tyro

Once had 3, but they expired some years ago.

I was mimsing at the time I acquired them, so it served me right. However, my respect for the constabulary diminished as a result, since while the officers were technically correct, it struck me as pretty pedantic.

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How many points!? - Red Baron
Zero. And have never any in 23 years of motoring. I've also never had any sort of motoring fine against me even though I can definitely tell you what the top speed of all of my cars was.

The polit bureaux is not doing well out of me. Muahahahahah!
How many points!? - FotheringtonThomas
The polit bureaux is not doing well out of me. Muahahahahah!

Ditto. They couldn't catch me, anyway!
How many points!? - DieselBoy
I have been driving since 1994 and currently have no points. In total I must have covered over 500,000 miles and consider myself lucky to have picked up only 3 points for speeding, especially considering it was for doing 48mph in a 30mph zone. I was pulled over by a marked police Vauxhall Senator, not too far from a police station. This was in 1996, and only one day later I nearly wrote my Citroen AX off by carelessly driving into a container lorry.

I was only 19 and learnt a lot in that week.....

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How many points!? - David Horn
No points, but I did get a parking ticket once in Leeds.
How many points!? - Altea Ego
Nine points, all obtained in one fell swoop. Due care after bus incident.
How many points!? - Pugugly
How many points!? - krs one
Miraculously, no points.
How many points!? - corblimeyguvnar
3 points, 80 in a 70.


How many points!? - piggy
6!! Two SP60s-for doing 96 for the first one,the other for 93.Both gained on a deserted A55.
Now that I`ve "downsized" from the Fiat Coupe,I find it a lot easier to avoid speeding.
My present car would be approaching maximum speed at these figures. Mr. Brumston`s boys don`t take prisoners.
How many points!? - ijws15
None - three for 81 on the A38 near Bassets Pole just expired.

Just avoided 3 by doing a speed awareness course. (35 in 30 and kept teh NIP for those who do not believe 35 gets you a ticket).
How many points!? - Zippy123
I read somewhere recently that some 25% of the population has a driving conviction!!!

Luckily, touch wood, I have never got points, but came close a few times & have proably diserved a few.

BTW what is mimsing please?

How many points!? - Lud
Mimsing: driving well below the limit and in an obstructive, hesitant, unaware and unpredictable manner. It is possible to drive well below the limit with consideration for other road users, but that isn't what mimsers do. They are often self-righteous about other traffic, and their irrational approach often makes them dangerous.

Perhaps there should be a 'fast mimser' category, as some drivers have all the mimser's faults except slowness.

Edited by Lud on 24/07/2008 at 15:39

How many points!? - tyro
Mimsing: driving well below the limit and in an obstructive hesitant unaware and unpredictable manner.

Your definition of mimsing is too negative, Lud.

When I mimse, I do so in (IMHO) a non-hesitant and non-obstructive manner. ;-)
How many points!? - Darkheart
(Touch Wood) Never had any points or ever made an insurance claim so 0. If only I could stop people driving into my car I would have a clean sheet:

I've had two "accidents" (I use quotes because there was nothing I could have done to prevent them):

An old guy drove into the back of my car while I was waiting at the lights.

Second time I was not even in the car, a guy (who amazingly was NOT drunk) drove into my car while it was parked outside my house and wrote it off.


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How many points!? - Bagpuss
4 points - tailgating on the autobahn. Don't have the M3 any more though.
How many points!? - Pugugly
Blaupunkts ?
How many points!? - Bagpuss
Blaupunkts ?

LOL. That made my day!
How many points!? - GroovyMucker
Nil. Now.
How many points!? - fox83
haven't got any yet, should have tho.... went straight through a red light at a cross roads (two days after passing test) was lighting a cigarette at the time, camera flashed, never heard anything over it.
How many points!? - PW
Goodness knows how, but since passing test in '89 not had a single point. Been pulled over twice- had the riot act but NFA. Been followed at a distance for speed reading a couple of times, but always spotted them before had time to get a reading and gone to temporary mimser mode.

As posted above, and commented on by passengers, I am very observant. Although, the unmarked cars seem to have gone from ridiculously easy to spot to a lot harder.

Have had a lot of fortnights watching the post the though.

Am bit worried about posting this as seems to be tempting fate!

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