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I'm starting to wonder how I ever got by without this site!

I've just this minute got back in from taking my 01 fiesta flight for it's MOT which expires on the 8/8/08 and it's failed on 3 things.

1. Offside front brake pipe excessively corroded

2. Nearside front (rear bush) suspension arm rubber bush deteriorated resulting in excessive movement

3. Offside front (rear bush) suspension arm rubber bush deteriorated resulting in excessive movement.

How much can I realistically get the repairs done for? The garage I went to quoted £76 for the brake pipe and £206 to have the bushes done. I plan to ring around to get the best deal I can when I have an idea of how much it should be costing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
01 1.3 Cost of repairs for failed MOT - spikeyhead {p}
You should be able to get that price down by a factor of at least two.
01 1.3 Cost of repairs for failed MOT - bimmer-driver
Daylight robbery by the sounds of it- a new wishbone about £30 a side and a new bit of pipe about a tenner. Thats what we sell them approx for where I work.
01 1.3 Cost of repairs for failed MOT - topbloke
bottom arms arn't exspensive not to bad to change if you are fairly handy with a spanner. get a haynes manual ( library may have one) brake pipe is a different kettle of fish unless you are 100% sure of what you are doing then leave well alone it's not worth the grief
01 1.3 Cost of repairs for failed MOT - zookeeper
i picked a fiesta wishbone up for £8.00 off of ebay ages ago, takes about an hour to fit, use a haynes manual like the previous post recommend.. brake pipes i would leave to the "experts" you should be back on the road for under a 100 quid easy
01 1.3 Cost of repairs for failed MOT - Saltrampen
2 - 2.5 hours labour all in + parts.
Based on previous quotes Could be £50 - £100 for parts (unless you buy on e-bay).
So would say the quote is not the cheapest but it isn't a big rip off either.
Probably if you ring around you may get up to £50 off, but you may also be looking at smaller one man operations. If another garage does the repairs will you be charged retest fees by the original garage? Many garages do not charge for a retest if they do the repair work.
01 1.3 Cost of repairs for failed MOT - yorkiebar
Depends if you want to go to main dealer and/or use "genuine" parts.

Some will say their quality is better and reflects in the price and if so the price quoted isnt bad.

Others will say you can get identical parts (made at the same factory) for a lot less and fitted by an independant for a lot less !

You pay your money and take your choice. Personally I dont understand why the "genuine" option would be better; but then i am independant!
01 1.3 Cost of repairs for failed MOT - DP
There is a half way house between rip off "genuine" parts (which in this case are known to be rubbish anyway) and unknown source, ultra cheap Ebay parts, and that's known brand aftermarket stuff from a local factors or autoparts shop.

When I did this job on SWMBO's old mkIV, my local motor factors wanted about £25 a side for Quinton Hazell parts - about a third of Ford's quote. They fitted perfectly, and lasted for the rest of our ownership period.

It's not a bad job. First side took me about an hour, second side about 30 mins (benefit of experience). Hardest part is getting the new arm into place and the bolt holes lined up - it's a tight fit. I also replaced the hub to bottom balljoint bolt and locknut (you will muller the thread getting it out) - these were application specific and in a blister pack from the same motor factors for about two quid each. Good practice anyway to renew Nyloc nuts whenever they are disturbed.

You have to tap this bolt right out of the hub instead of just slackening it. It's more than just the conventional pinch bolt that it appears to be, as it also engages with a recess on the balljoint to stop the balljoint dropping out of the hub. With the bolt in situ, even with the nut removed, the joint won't separate. Safe, but confusing if you're working without a manual.

Oh, and when completed, get the tracking checked! Bush wear does affect wheel alignment

Good luck


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