Falken tyres for MR2 Turbo - HLyon
I need to replace the tyres soon, so I started checking out tyre reviews. I'd decided that I fancied trying FK452's on my 17's.

I went to get a quote for tyres today and was quoted for ZE-912's. I asked about FK452's but was told that the ZE-912's had replaced them and that they were the better tyre.

As far as I can tell from online resources both tires are currently sold and both for slightly different applications. The FK's seem to be the more performance orientated tyre.

My car has been lowered and the ride is pretty hard so perhaps I should consider the less agressive ZE?

Currently on Uniroyals and Kumho's.

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Falkens for MR2 Turbo - hillman1 {p}
I have just bought some FK 452s from Camskill for 16 inch wheels- yet to put them on the car- they are sitting in my shed at the moment ready to go. The ZE912 has, I believe replaced the ZE512s. I had to buy a ZE512 for the wifes car recently, and struggled to find a ZE512 anywhere- I managed to find one eventually and I wanted it to match the other tyres that had only done about 2.5k.

The FK452 was a great tyre when I put it on my old Mondeo- was quiet, good grip in wet and dry conditions and lasted well as well. Do a forum search and you'll get some more comments. I bought it following a recommendation from Cheddar here in the Backroom, and was pleased I did.

The ZE512s are OK, but I think the FK452 is a bit better all round, certainly grip wise.

Hope that helps.
Falkens for MR2 Turbo - HLyon
Okay cheers.

I think what I really would like to know is how the ZE912 compares to the FK452 and which is likely to be better for my car.

I don't believe that the ZE912 has replaced the FK452.
Falkens for MR2 Turbo - hillman1 {p}
I don't think it will be easy to find comparisons yet as the ZE912 is a new tyre.


Have a look at some of these posts.

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Falkens for MR2 Turbo - Andy P
Better in what way? Ride comfort, wet grip, dry grip, braking performance, wear? It's difficult to recommend a tyre without knowing what kind of performance you're after.

The ZE912 is aimed at economy/comfort while the FK452 is aimed at economy/performance.
Falkens for MR2 Turbo Rev 3 - HLyon
Thanks Hillman1 for the link.

Andy P - Fair point.

This is the first time I've paid any attention to what tyres I've got, till now my cars have been low powered and budget tyred.

The tyres that are on the MR2 just now came with the car. The handling is so different to what I've had before that I'm not sure what characteristics are the cars and which are the tyres. Still playing with tyre pressures too.

I don't really push it to the limits but it's my daily driver, so it needs to be comfortable, and experiences some spirited driving at times, so it needs all weather grip.

I think based on everything I've read so far the FK452's might be the better choice for the 250 frisky horses hiding behind the drivers seat.

Not at the wear markers yet but will post again with update once I've got new rubber.
Falkens for MR2 Turbo Rev 3 - Andy P
What size are you looking at?

Then have a look at www.tyrereviews.co.uk/ , particularly the Falken FK451 - the reviews seem to put it well ahead of the 452, plus if you look on the "View Overall Grid", there'a a "Top 10 Cars" at the bottom, with the MR2 Turbo at the top of the list.

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Falkens for MR2 Turbo Rev 3 - hillman1 {p}
But the 451s are not listed on the Falken website- maybe they have been replaced by the 452s?

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Falkens for MR2 Turbo Rev 3 - HLyon
Front 215/40 Back 245/40
on 17's

I've seen it, it was that website that put me onto Falkens.

The FK451's have now been replaced by FK452.
Falkens for MR2 Turbo Rev 3 - Andy P
Not really much else around at that price point - the FK452s look to be the best option.

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