01 3.0 Alarm problem. Dealer can't find fault code - Jammy
I have owned my petrol 3.0 V6 for 5 years and now have 80k on the clock.
There have been many different problems with this car over the last few years but one problem will not go away.. The alarm goes off for no apparent reason. The official Peugeot dealer that I used to go to has closed down so I had to switch to a different one.

These new people say that the last alarm activation is not held in memory so they are have problems finding the reason for the alarm going off. I am sure that the last dealer just looked at the event on his PC and replaced what part such as a bonnet switch or door lock sensor assembly or whatever was needed.

Can anyone confirm that the last alarm activiation is actually held in memory (maybe as a fault code)? If yes, what should this dealer be looking for?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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01 3.0V6 Alarm problems Dealer cannot find fault c - Screwloose

AFAIR the last 5 alarm events are stored in the BSI's memory.
01 3.0V6 Alarm problems Dealer cannot find fault c - Simon
Ring another Peugeot dealer or Peugeot specialist and see what they say about it. It sounds to me like this new dealer that you have switched to (or about to switch to) don't sound the most competent.
01 3.0V6 Alarm problems Dealer cannot find fault c - Milosone
Hi There
Did you get any joy with this, my car has just started doing the same thing all the time, I have to leave it unlocked.
Cheers for any advice.
Peugeot 607 alarm - dieselnutjob
two things
There is button on the dashboard, just by your right knee
If you turn off the engine, remove the key, then press that button
Hold the button in until the light come on on the button near the handbrake
Now the ultrasonic sensors are disabled

I've had my 607 since november, and the alarm never went off until I fixed the heater control flaps a couple of weeks ago. Also I tossed the pollen filter.
Now the alarm goes off a lot
I'm pretty sure that wind is gusting through the ventilation system and setting off the ultrasonic sensors
When I leave the heater in recirculating mode it doesn't seem to do it
Probably if I put the pollen filter back it would help