08 1.3td Aux input on radio ? - krebb industries
Fiddling with the audio controls on the radio, I found an option to adjust the "input volume" for the aux input.

I fancy plumbing in my mp3 player, but have no idea where this socket is-if it is a socket !

The unit is a blaupunkt radio cd (sorry there are no model numbers). If it helps, its a "double height" unit, that plays mp3 cds, and also has LW - so I pinch the car when Test Match Special is on !

The car is three moths old, so I don't want to maul about with taking things apart too much. Is there a socket lurking somewhere (behind glovebox?) that will be easy to access ?
08 1.3td Aux input on radio ? - bathtub tom
If the car's only three months old, isn't there a handbook still around?
08 1.3td Aux input on radio ? - krebb industries
Yes, but they make no mention of it.

My reading of them (and the brochure) is that the radio can have extra inputs as factory fitted options (cd multichanger etc).

You scroll through the audio menu on the radio and it mentions Aux Input level, so to me there is a socket or something hidden "round the back".

As I said, I don't want to take the dash apart in case I'm wasting my time, and damaging the new car. I just thought that someone may have seen one of these before.
08 1.3td Aux input on radio ? - doctorchris
The aux input will be on the back of the radio unit. The only way to access that will be to remove the radio using the 2 pronged devices available from motor accessory shops.
08 1.3td Aux input on radio ? - AlanGowdy
In the Grande Punto there is a USB socket in the glovebox for an MP3 player - perhaps the Panda has one there too.

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08 1.3td Aux input on radio ? - krebb industries
Had a good look in there too, as a mate has just bought one and told me about it.......

All that lurks in there is a switch to deactivate the pass airbag - very useful for transporting the nipper and keeping an eye on him.

The more I drive it, the more I realise what a well thought out and satisfying little rocket the Panda is.

One other thing - the Aux input is selected by pressing the CD button a couple of times.

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