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2002 BMW 316 SE, advice needed. - hillzy
I've recently put down a deposit on a 2002 BMW 316 SE, it's fair to say im pretty nieve when it comes to BMW's and also the buying and selling of cars in general, so kinda just checking whether i've got an ok deal and if theirs anything i should be keeping an eye for with this model.

It was formally a company car and has 72000 miles on the clock and will be costing me £5999, the main thing that might be a slight (or big) issue is that it has not been serviced in 30 thousand miles, how much of an issue is this gonna be? (Needless to say it will be serviced straight away). So basically any advice or words of wisdom would be very much appreciated.


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2002 BMW 316 SE, advice needed. - Statistical outlier
No service in 30k miles is a pretty big problem in itself. Coupled with other abuse that a car that neglected is likely to have suffered, I'd run away screaming. There are loads about, there is no need or point buying one that you know has been neglected.

Walk away. Others may be able to advise on whether you can get your deposit back.
2002 BMW 316 SE, advice needed. - BobbyG
Are you sure it has not been serviced? Would have thought if it was a company car then it would have been serviced by the book especially if the driver wasn't the owner of the company!
2002 BMW 316 SE, advice needed. - hillzy
It was a company car until 44 thousand miles with a service history by BMW up until then.
2002 BMW 316 SE, advice needed. - jbif
hillzy - did you mean £ or $ ? [ gotta ask, as some of your lingo is kinda US ]

2002 BMW 316 SE, advice needed. - hillzy
Apoligies jbif thats just poor grammer from me, its £.

{now changed}

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2002 BMW 316 SE, advice needed. - Shaz {p}
I'd agree and say walk away. Plenty around. You would probably get a better engine for the same money too.
2002 BMW 316 SE, advice needed. - MichaelR
Do not buy this car. Basically whoever bought it when it came offlease in 2005 hasn't bothered to do anything with it.

It's not cheap enough to be worth the risk.
2002 BMW 316 SE, advice needed. - DavidHM
If it was last serviced three years and 28k miles ago, who's to say it hasn't racked up another 110k since then? Do you have the MoT certificates?

I bought a BMW sight unseen for £2k last year in a similar situation - no service since it had come off the fleet - and whilst it wasn't a complete dog, a newer, cleaner car would have cost me less in the long run.

Even so at £6k it's not cheap and for that kind of money I'd want something that was impeccable in every way - there are plenty of good four-cylinder 3-Series for that kind of price.
2002 BMW 316 SE, advice needed. - MichaelR
There was a chap on the BMWLand forums selling a 110k mile 2005 316i ES for £5400 the other day. Crap spec but still a better car than the one you are considernig.
2002 BMW 316 SE, advice needed. - CJay{P}
Did you notice that a lot of people are offering £4k towards that car....
2002 BMW 316 SE, advice needed. - Avant
Hillzy, see if you can find a slightly older, but cared for, 320i. There's nothing very special about a 316; if you want German quality with a 1.8 engine go for a VW Golf for less money.

But above all make sure it has a full service history. Look through Autotrader - there are plenty around - and if you don't feel that you're an expert then find one for sale by a dealer. You may get a warranty, and you have much better rights under the Sale of Goods Act than you would from a private seller.
2002 BMW 316 SE, advice needed. - hillzy

Thanx for the advice peeps, very much appreciated.
2002 BMW 316 SE, advice needed. - perleman
For 6k I'd expect FSH and at least a 320 if not a 325, with under 60k miles on! I think you'll be very dissapointed with the 316, very underpowered.

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