04 1.9 Oil Leak on Turbo Input Pipe - escrap02
I am considering buying a used 2004 Volkswagen Sharan 1.9TDi SE and commissioned an AA inspection today. The inspector reported that there was only one problem in that he could see oil on the outside of the turbo input pipe.

Can anybody tell me whether this is going to cost a lot of money to fix because I want to make a decision today or tomorrow as to whether to buy this car?

04 1.9 Oil Leak on Turbo Input Pipe - Screwloose

Not normally a big issue; it will depend to a great extent where this oil is coming from and how bad it is.

If it is just oil staining and not a significant leak; then it may not need attention at all.
04 1.9 Oil Leak on Turbo Input Pipe - 659FBE
I'll assume the oil is at the EGR/anti-shudder valve unit close to the inlet manifold.

Most (but not all) PD engines seem to leak oil a bit there. As Screwloose implies, if it's a minor leak I wouldn't be too bothered. It's worth considering how the oil gets there though - there are only two routes.

The first and more likely is crankcase blowby as the breather pipe is connected to the compressor inlet. The second is leakage from the turbocharger shaft bearing unit. As PD engines have a bit of a reputation for burning oil, I would suggest blowby as the more likely cause.

I was lucky enough to find an AWX engine with no oil leaks at this point. It burns hardly any oil. (35k miles).


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